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WeMap / WeMakePrice CF – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin show off kungfu skills [GIFs]

[2013.9.30] Seunggi’s first CF for WeMap (WeMakePrice):
“The Absolute Advantage WeMap – Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin’s kungfu match.”
With special cameo by beloved actor Byun Hee Bong (Cha Daewoong’s grandfather from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho).  I really like Seojin, but I SO wish they would’ve cast Shin Minah as Miho to be in this CF!!!  Hoi Hoi~~!!  The GIFs that keep giving…..

Master: I can’t believe this. Why is it so expensive?

[Master, did you receive the free shipping and 5% savings?]

LSG: It’s cheap~~!!! (belted out in kungfu-intonation voice! ha)

(Omg, LSG moves huge boulder with his kungfu, mind over matter powers!  puahahaha.  Master is shocked and incredibly pleased…. by his student’s kungfu strength….. and WeMap free shipping and savings?!?!)

LSJ: It’s cheap~~!!! (belted out in kungfu-intonation voice! ha)

[If it’s not the lowest price, compensating you 200% WeMap is cheap~~!]

This is WeMap’s shopping perogative. (whoa, Kangchi kicking skills~~!!)

The Absolute Advantage.  WeMap!

The exaggerated comical tone is not my thing, but the WeMap strategy has been really effective.  The hilarious CF with Seunggi and Seojin acting so not like their usual uhmchinah selves has already reaped tons of buzz and the comical delivery of the main ad message – ‘It’s Cheap~~!!’ – is getting out there.  More fun stuffs to come.

Someone’s been doing a lot of squat repititions~~~~!!!

I like that Seunggi’s a black belt!  ha.

English: LSGfan, Video: officialwemakeprice
Images: As labeled

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2 Responses

  1. Ha I love your comments, lol and I did not even realize that was grandpa till you mentioned it.

  2. LSG not only moves huge boulder with his kungfu, but he blows my mind too with that tight and unbutton top. I can see his muscle everytime he do the kungfu action. Sexy!!!

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