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KB Financial Group – Seunggi & Yuna endorse backpacking trip event to Turkey and Greece

Seunggi’s worlds always collide~~ Endorsement for KB backpacking trip event aimed at college students, and his upcoming backpacking trip to Spain variety special!  And already donning cute Christmas hatwear. KB Fall/Winter event — “KB Rockstar Challenge,  Overseas Backpacking Trip.  This time, to Greece and Turkey!”  Turkey Airens must’ve been so excited to see Seunggi holding their country flag!

Fall print ad —
“Create a fall story together with KB Bank”

Summer print ad —
“The love of 30 million customers, KB lifetime love event”

I guess the ilming a few months ago for KB was was only for print ads?
No CF version?  Hope they ecretly filmed a CF too….

Images: LSG Thailand, KB

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4 Responses

  1. yes we are(Turkish Airen) very happy:) thank you KB:)

  2. Excited ?!!!! OMG!!!^^ Of course and if i say forget to count how many dugeun-dugeun my hearts makes in one second ,I think its explain my situation exactly ,when i saw this pic yesterday morning via our nicole :D
    Maybe i sound im a dreamer but after a few month ago when Seung Gi signed the WorldAiren map in our mother language and says ”Merhaba Turkey” its seems not by chance that KB gaves our flag in our beloved one ^^ too much ,Hahaha maybe but my Fangirl heart wish it so.In anyway thank you KB to make our hearts flutter and give us the hope , our dreams comes true someday and Seung Gi visits us for real…
    And to dear lsgfan or may i say Ann Michelle,im always thankfull and really enjoy yours and tryp’s update ,translations from the very beginning when i became a seung gi fan.you both inspired me a lot gave me the courage to start officially fangirling and to make translations ,updates in Turkey for Lee Seung Gi. I know i can trust everything which cames from you both and it helps me a lot to share (of course with permalinks)Turkish Airen real informations ,which done not much before ,about Seung Gi.
    Thank you very much again…
    zambak70 /Tulin

    • ”Merhaba Turkey” from Seunggi~~~ Awesome!!!

      oh. and LSGfan = Ann (not AnnMichelle). but I’m a fangirl of fierce and loyal AnnMichelle (and Tryp)~~!!! Even though I don’t agree with everything they say…… like always saying Seunggi’s hair or outfit looks good, when I’m like NO WAY~~!!!! puhahahaha.

  3. We ( TURKish Airens ) are proud of this news. This is incredible. I saw the Turkish Flag and could not believe it. This is a miracle. I am glad as if coming Seung Gi. And excited!!
    Thank you!!! Thank you very much ~~

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