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Fall for ‘Nation’s Hyung’ Lee Seunggi’s heartwarming charms [Pizza Hut CF filming]

[Exclusive] Fall for ‘Nation’s Hyung’ Lee Seunggi’s heartwarming charms
October 8, 2013

English: LSGfan via Hankooki

Actor Lee Seunggi is entertainment’s reigning hoon-nam (heartwarming) star. Boasting perfect chemistry with any female actress, he has showcased extraordinary charms.  So what would his chemistry be like if the person were male, not a female actress, or perhaps, a coupling with a child? On location for a recent commercial shoot, Lee Seunggi transformed into an attentive and warm ‘Nation’s Hyung.’ Partnering with child actor Choi Roh Eun, Lee Seunggi showed off his charming ability to make the child smile just by looking at him. We stopped by Lee Seunggi’s CF filming shoot to check out the charms of the ‘Nation’s hyung.’

▲Tightly hugging our little dongseng

Lee Seunggi is filming the commercial, creating chemistry with child actor Choi Roh Eun.  Seeing him wholeheartedly hug the child is so lovable.  Lee Seunggi’s cute and lovable smile was like that of a innocent child.

▲A man without B cuts

Prior to full-scale filming, he is listening to the explanations from the CF director all the way to the script supervisor.  His charms did not let up even when the cameras were not rolling.  Flawless and perfect, he was a complete pro checking the dictionary before filming.  The perfect charms of a man totally focused on his work.

▲During rest time

‘Seunggi hyung is a prankster’ Lee Seunggi kept pinching Choi Roh Eun’s cheeks.  As Lee Seunggi played around with him, Choi Roh Eun began to sulk.  You couldn’t tell who was the adult and who was the child.

▲4 similarities between Lee Seunggi and little Seunggi

Lee Seunggi’s similar actions with Choi Roh Eun created a perfect chemistry and brought about a lot of laughter.  A playful expression in stretching the cheese while eating the pizza was a given, but even posing slyly with his hands clasped behind his head and brightly laughing and showing off his dimple.  Just seeing their similar actions made the women swoon.  In particular, their similar expressions blankly staring up into the air during rest time also brought about laughter.

▲Indisputable fan service

Lee Seunggi’s fan service is also indisputable.  After wrapping up the CF filming, he tightly hugs partnering actor Choi Roh Eun and takes a picture together.  In addition, he provided top-notch service to not only all the female staff who were on site, but everyone else too.

Looks like Hankooki forgot to post some of the photos…
More to come?

LSG always described as…

Perfect.  Charming.  Attentive.  Focused. Nation’s _________.

Images: Hankooki, LSG Thailand

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for translation this nice article ^^
    Actually when this article was released on Nate, the reporter even forget to attach the photo at first and then he/she edited it with the photos along. So hope they’ll release more.

  2. He is PERFECT all in the big capital letters. Children can feel when the adult fake or not around them, and by looking all those bts pics I’m sure Roh Eun can feel that Seung Gi is a very nice perfect hyung.
    The reporter forget to attach the pic??? Lol she/he might get too affected by the charms of these two dimple guys and become overexcited to share his writings so he forgot the pics.

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