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SuperStar-K Kim MinJi sings Lee Seunggi’s ‘Music Time’ and makes Top 10

(video: 예솔 김) Whoa~ from Seunggi’s very first album~~

[September 27, 2013] SuperStar-K – Kim MinJi Top 10 full cut
English: LSGfan, Video: Firefly19840727

[MinJi starts crying, nervous for her final song.]
KMJ: I feel like my confidence is slipping.  Seeing the other friends, I’m not as confident and I feel like I’m really disappointing myself.

[Contestant girls unpacking suitcases…]
Girl: Do you have party clothes? Minji unnie, you don’t like dresses?

KMJ: I’ve never worn a dress before.  I always wore pants. [Old photos]

Girl: For me, it’s always short dresses.
KMJ: What am I going to do?
Girl: Minji-ya, should we look for one?

KMJ: There are a lot of pretty contestants.  I don’t have much confidence in my looks. [Girls giving her a little makeover~] I feel like I look weird… Gosh, I’m really not good looking. I just don’t have confidence in my face…

SuperStar-K: You had a lot of popularity on the internet. Why did you do so while covering your face?
KMJ: I thought maybe it’s better for people to listen without my face.  But as many people came to my channel to watch my videos, I gained more courage. At first, I wanted to sing in front of the judges.  Rather than just bringing enjoyment to others from home through my videos, I wanted to be assessed by the judges.  I wanted to challenge myself.

KMJ: I keep thinking~ ‘Music is something I really want to do.’  If I were to not make it, then that means I have to find another path… (Aww)

@1:40~ [Minji performs her last song, trying to make the Top 10]

Judge: Minji, you always have a face that’s laughing.
KMJ: Honestly, I’m really nervous, but laughter always comes out.
Judge: Getting into the Top 10 is a really difficult feat…
KMJ: I’ll give it my best.
Judge: Fighting~

@2:05~ [Minji sings Lee Seunggi’s ‘Music Time’]

(Song is an ode to loving music, wanting to seek out the music we uniquely like and are good at.  Lyrics still quoted online a lot by striving musicians~~  Great to see his song have an impact on others in a profound way!)

@2:55~ [Judges react to her performance]

Judge: Wow… (yeah, she was AWESOME!)
KMJ: Thank you.
Judge: Is this something you really wanted to say?
KMJ: Yes.
Judge: You sang this for your final stage song… Thank you.

@3:05~ [Minji’s envelope reveal~ she makes the Top 10!]

KMJ: DId I really make it?  Did I really?! (I so want to hug her!)
Judge: Congratulations.
KMJ: Thank you. Is it really me?
Judge: You’ve made it… see you in the Top 10!

[FanVideo] ‘Music Time’ – from Seunggi’s very first album…
Whoa, this LSG voice is from about 10 years ago?!?!?!

(video: mmhuaxianzi)

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3 Responses

  1. I kinda like his rougher, unrefined voice during his younger days..it has more of a rock-ish and youthful vibe in it :)

  2. Hah if someone told me that was Seunggi I wouldn’t have believed them if I didn’t know. I too like his old voice, though he doesn’t sound much like a ballad singer there so I can see why he changed it. Would have been interesting to see him keep the same voice though.

  3. Thanks for the translation. Kim Minji really has talent. I am glad that K-music is not just about good looking and ability to dance. I am not following the SuperStar-K program, but I hope she makes it to the top.

    Now, back to LSG, I like his raspy voice too. Unique. Agree with snowflakes that it has more rock-ish vibe. The rock segment performance in 2010 Hope Concert DVD is one of my fave. But yeah, I can understand that his more refined voice now is better for ballad songs. It does not stop me from hoping that he will release a rock album one day :)

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