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PIzza Hut ‘Double Box’ CF – Seunggi and his cute little twin

* UPDATE: ENG-subbed video~~ CF is just TOO cute~!! Thx Vakaala!

(video: ENGrapport)

Pizza Hut ‘Double Box’ CF [30s]

LSG: Ah, I’m hungry… CRE: I’m hungry!
LSG: Should we order pizza? CRE: Should we order pizza?!
LSG: Hey you~ CRE: Hey you! (omg~ he’s squeezing Seunggi’s cheek!)
LSG: Hey now~ CRE: Hey now! (wah~ they are too cute together!)

LSG: Garlic beef, please…
CRE: Me, shrimp. (whoa~ all of a sudden, we’re in some horror flick! ha)

LSG: When you want different things… Double Box!
One box but two different pizzas. Double Box~ $25.

CRE: Ma-shi-ta~~!! [tastes so yummy!] (LOLs, now we’re back to happy!)
LSG: Ma-shi-ta~ Ma-shi-ta~ (omg~ Miho should be here with Daewoong!)

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

[20s version] Cute how Choi RohEun scooches over to Seunggi in the beginning~~

(video: Thaiairen forseunggi)

Love love love THIS new Pizza Hut CF~~!!!
So happy to say goodbye to that crazy over-the-top Crown Pocket CF thingy!

Yay for Gifs~~~~!!!!!

Ah, I’m hungry… (these two are just TOO cute!)

Should we order pizza? (even their footsies are TOO cute!)

Hey you~ (Awwww)

Hey now~ (in real life, no kid gets away with acting like this to a hyung!)

Garlic beef, please… Me, shrimp. (Put these two in a project together!)

Ma-shi-ta~ Ma-shi-ta~ (Hoi~ Hoi~!)

Images: As labeled

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6 Responses

  1. Both are super adorable ….. thanks for the translation ^^

  2. Can i squeeze the cheeks too??? 😍

  3. thanks for trans ^^ love it so much

  4. cutest overload (>w<) thank u so much for translate eonni ^o^

  5. Both are so “CUTE’, so I can’t help it but have to sub this CF. ^___^

    Thank you for all the translation.

    Oh! I forgot to introduce myself , I am rapport’s friend before she left she gave me all her YT account. So I try to update as I can.
    Sorry for my encoding is not good but I tried my best.

    • Aw Vakaala~~ thx!!! Your subs are just perfect! Love it!! Let’s hope we get more of this kind of Seunggi in his upcoming CFs~~!!!

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