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Lee SeoJin’s thoughts on ‘Post Lee Seunggi’

KBS Entertainment Relay [October 5, 2013] – Seunggi-related cut

Reporter: Online searches of “Lee SeoJin” include “Post Lee Seunggi.”
Seojin: Sure, I’m thankful… but I don’t think I could also be a singer. hehe.

[Photos of “Close Friends Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin”]

Reporter: You guys must be really close, traveling together too.  There are a lot of photos of the two of you like this.
Seojin: Actually, yesterday we ate dinner together too.

Reporter: Can’t I join in there too, just once?
Seojin: Haha. Why do you keep trying to squeeze in?!

Reporter: I want to be close with you guys!

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

We’ve heard it all for like 5 years~~~

‘Post’ Lee Seunggi.
‘The Next’ Lee Seunggi.
‘The second’ Lee Seunggi.
Even……..  ‘[Another country’s]’ Lee Seunggi!

Honestly, I was hoping to see Seunggi together with Seojin and the grandpas.
In variety, Seunggi bromances always jjaang!  Hyungs, even older habae hyungs(!)

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One Response

  1. There’s always someone who is the next… Though I usually get the comparison, but here I don’t really. They aren’t much alike at all in their careers. You’ll never be their friend with such dumb questions Mr. Reporter.

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