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Red Cross Youth 60th anniversary – Lee Seunggi interview

Proud Red Cross Youth Sunbae
Meaning of ‘sincerity’ According to Lee Seunggi

Red Cross Youth magazine [Autumn 2013] (pp. 8-13)

English: LSGfan; Images: Tryp96 via Red Cross Youth

From the beginning our hearts were pounding.  The person we met is singer-actor Lee Seunggi, beloved by all of Korea.  Dae~bak!  Despite his packed schedule while filming on location in Paju, he willingly spared his time for his Red Cross Youth hoobaes [juniors], and sunbae’s [senior’s] heart was as warm and moving as his stunning looks.  Having met him in person, he emanated a mature, charming demeanor in his 10th year since debut.  We were able to confirm that unlike a one-time shining star that disappears, he has indeed become a star who continues to garner the respect of many people as time goes on.  What could possibly be his secret?  That answer can be found in the talk we shared together. Listen carefully…

Lee JiWon member (Yong-In Sol-gae Elementary School)
Jo HaeYeun member (PaJu Du-eel Junior High School)

Yang SooYoon member (PaJu Geum-chon High School)
Won JiHye member (Ga-chon University)

  • Q1: We understand that you were active through Red Cross Youth (RCY) during your high school days. We’re curious what kinds of activities you were involved in through RCY. (SooYoon)

LSG: It is true that I was my school’s RCY leader when I was in high school.  However, to call it  active would be too much.  I wasn’t able to be as active on the frontlines like all of you.  I was school president and since we didn’t have an RCY organization at our school, my friends and I first started it.  Although there were many different clubs, we wanted to do some kind of community service.  Rather than external activities, I remember being more active in school environment-related activities.

  • Q2: Since it was a time when you were busy as a trainee, It makes me think you feel somewhat wistful about your RCY activities.  If you could return back to your high school days, what kind of activities would you want to do? (JiHye)

LSG: I do feel really wistful about it.  It would have been much more worthwhile if I could have spared more time and been active in a more meaningful way, wearing the uniform vests like all of you.  I was a male trainee and attended an all-boys school, so it would have been great if I had gathered all the strong male idols kids together to give a big-push support, but lacking the wherewithal, I wasn’t able to be as active. If I could return back to that time, like all of you, I think I would immediately go camping, be active in encouraging others, and be involved in awesome activities.

  • Q3: What kind of student were you during your school days?  What kind of dream did you dream of? (JiWon)

LSG: Actually , similar to friends like you, I was a typical student.  I liked music, I studied hard for the college entrance exam, a bright and cheerful student who got along well and hung out with my friends?  Yes, I think I was a really an ordinary student.  My dream was also nothing out of the ordinary.  Honestly speaking, I don’t think I had a set dream that I was striving toward as a child.  Although I wasn’t certain, I had a desire to become an architect.  Like others, I was thinking I would go to the college I wanted, seek out what I wanted to do, and build up the skills needed for that.  Ha ha, is that too boring or uninspiring?

Having only seen Lee Seunggi sunbae on TV, we all couldn’t help smiling at the thought of meeting him in person.  We even put a lot of effort into preparing our questions.

  • Q4: How did you set out to become an entertainer? (HaeYeon)

LSG: Prior to RCY, I was active in a band.  For about a year.  However, since I had to focus on my studies, I planned one last concert before wrapping up my band activities.  The small theater we had rented for the concert was owned by Lee Sunhee teacher, so she happened to be there that day, and she saw me and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be good if that friend properly studied music?’  We were able to meet, and my path as a singer began.  Rather than a dream I had planned for in advance, it was more like an opportunity that suddenly came and found me.

  • Q5: Known as a kind entertainer who does a lot of public service and sponsorship, you are always taking the lead in sharing.  Please share with us your current community and sponsor activities. (JiHye)

LSG: This is my fourth year participating in a KBS TV program called ‘Dong Heng.’  I contribute to the Welfare Foundation, and each month, $1000 goes toward supporting families that are introduced each week.  At least once a year, I also go to see those friends who were on the program, and when time doesn’t permit that, I contribute my talents  through narration of special end of the year programs.  Outside of that, I’m trying to pour my hard work into all that I can to the best of my ability.

  • Q6: Is there a memorable episode during your sponsorship? (JiWon)

LSG: The people I felt I needed to support and care for were living more brightly and actively than I had thought.  There were a lot of people who left an impression on me because they were not worn down nor in despair about life like I had worried.  I believe it was because there was hope deeply seeded in their hearts even though things may be hard right now.  Seeing their straightforward demeanor, I myself can’t help but to have a bright and warm experience.  I also gain energy through those encounters.

  • Q7: What is the meaning of sharing to Lee Seunggi? (SooYoon)

LSG: The program that I am involved with is called ‘Dong Heng’ [Together]. Meaning that ‘we’re walking together.’  I think that meaning is a little different than just ‘sharing’ and I believe that to be true.  It’s not that I’m helping someone just on my own initiative.  It’s sharing energy together with people who can be strengthened, if we can give them a little support.  Of course immediate material things are important too, but it’s about sharing that feeling of being together through such encounters.

  • Q8: Known to have entertainment’s Midas touch, you received a lot of praise for your excellent work in the recently wrapped ‘Gu Family Book.’  Please share with us any plans for your next project (or next album). (JiHye)

LSG: Things are not definite yet.  Although, it’s not like I’m doing nothing and just playing (laughter), I’m always preparing.  But it’s already the 10th year since my debut.  Before I would be busy going into another project or album once one thing ended.  (Although that was my best at the time) Now, I feel strongly that whatever I do, I need to do a very good job.  Also, expectations have grown among those who cherish and stand by me.  I also have more intense thoughts about wanting to do projects that I can be personally content with.  I’d rather meet a really good project I can pour my energies into, rather than just treating projects as if they were yearly events.  I’m thinking that most likely, both of those things will come about next year.

  • Q9: As you don’t have much down time due to your broadcast and community activities, what do you do when you do have leisure time? (HaeYeon)

LSG: I work out a lot.  Although my line of work can have erratic hours, typically, I tend to set plans and move accordingly.  I’m also comfortable when there is a steady schedule to my work.  Whether it’s working out, or traveling somewhere, and especially these days, I try to recharge by traveling.

Lee Seunggi sunbae-nim, sparing his time despite his busy filming schedule.  He sincerely responded to each and every one of our questions.

  • Q10: Many of the youth name Lee Seunggi as their role model. I’m curious about your role model and motto. (JiWon)

LSG: I don’t have one specific role model.  Just those who maintain their place for a long time in a given area.  For example, as singers, Lee Sunhee sunbae-nim or Cho YounPil, and among actors, people like Lee SoonJae teacher.  When I see people who have taught a lot to their juniors in one area for a long time, I think, ‘i should be like that.’  As for my motto, my personal resolution during my early debut days was ‘Do it with sincerity!’  But these days, the word sincerity seems to be used a lot, right?  Therefore, there’s a tendency for its meaning to fade.  However, to sincerely guard that is this – ‘True goals in whatever work you do and the sweat that doesn’t deceive those goals!’  That is sincerity.  Goals and hard work go hand-in-hand.

  • Q11: This year is the 60th year of RCY.  Please share a congratulatory greeting for the 60th anniversary. (SooYoon)

LSG: Although I feel shy since I really haven’t done a lot for my juniors, but you are all really remarkable students for being good at extrinsic activities while also being good at your own work.  I think you are the terrific people to carry forward our country.  I want to tell tell you how proud I am of my juniors who begin early on to work on behalf of others, not because someone made you, and not just only studying for yourself.  I hope all of you will become people who share your own unique talents and passion with many other people.  Congratulations to RCY’s 60th anniversary and I’ll be anticipating a lot of awesome activities!

“I believe this work shares energy with one another through authentic sharing, led by people who who have the strength to take the initiative.  I hope RCY friends become awesome people that share your talents and passion.”

Wow… Seriously… Always left speechless after an LSG interivew~~~

Such a great, meaningful interview!  Questions from these super bright and thoughtful RCY members are way TOTALLY better and relevant than all those lame, annoying questions asked during entertainment tv and press interviews~!!!  Glad the future of Korea is in good hands!  And with a great role model~!

Lee Seunggi~~~ Wahhh.  #RealDealGuysOverAllThoseOtherGuys

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  1. Totally agree with you that SeungGi is #RealDealGuysOverAllThoseOtherGuys
    Humble, wise, hardworking, smart, charming, and all other good personalitiessssssss
    Hail to the King….

  2. Thanks for the translation, Ann. I agree with you about the quality of questions asked by these kids. And, of course, I continue to be inspired by LSG’s comments.

  3. Hi,first time to comment….i am just a silent follower of LSG and ur blog. Thank you for that awesome translation to such a wonderful interview. Mr. Lee is one of a kind, a rare celebrity with a great wisdom and maturity …. A role model indeed!!!

  4. thank you so much LSGfan for the translation. i’ve tried to understand what’s this interview is all about and then you provide one! i know it will be a great interview since it looks like they’re having serious talk. and now i’m alll speechless n motivated by these hardworking youths and inspirational seung gi :) thank you so much LSGfan! <3

  5. Can’t help it. Love him more and more and more and more everyday!

  6. Dear Ann, may i ask permission to translate this 1,2,3 Ceci interview to my native language and post it in a fanpage?? thank you before ^^

    • Of course. nice of you to ask but ppl don’t need to ask permission. the translations are for everyone.

      love to see all the different lang translations and subs of LSG stuffs! What language are you doing?

      • indonesia :)
        and love to see people like you provide us the translated article
        once again thank you ^^

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