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Grandpas Over Flowers [Recap] – Lee Seunggi cameo

*UPDATE: Dramabeans recap – Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 13

(video: Official cut via CJENMMEDIA)

RECAP:  [2013.09.27] Grandpas Over Flowers – Seunggi cameo cut.  Uh-oh… Na PD is SO evil!  And Seojin’s joining in on the fun!  I’m excited, but really nervous for Seunggi!  LOLs.  And the preview of Seunggi’s hair for the upcoming WeMakePrice CF… um… *sigh*  I’ll take that 70s retro outfit over the hair any day~~~

NaPD: Lastly, preparing for the next trip, eating over there, Lee Seunggi…

Seojin: He’s eating rice cakes… (LSG’s WeMakePrice CF hair preview?!)

[A man diligently biting into rice cakes. Cautious not to make a mess!]

Name: Lee Seunggi
Age: 28 (should be 27; and in American age, 26)
Occupation: Porter-to-be
Interesting Note: Eating rice cakes without knowing what’s going on

Seunggi: Ahhh… It’s that kind of trip?

Seunggi: Isn’t the trip a different concept than Grandpas Over Flowers?

NaPD: Is that what your company president told you?

Seunggi: Yes…

NaPD: That this would be different from Grandpas Over Flowers?

[That’s how your president, resourceful in lies and hidden camera, described this to you?] (Omg, Hook Ent even put out a press release while back that LSG would play a different role than Seojin. Omg, did evil Na PD lie to LSG’s company present too?! Na PD is so evil… but awesome!)

Seunggi: I understood it to be a very different concept…

Seunggi: That… I… I’d be going with other actresses… on a trip…

NaPD: With what actresses…? (omg, Na PD is SO evil!)

Seunggi: [Enraged] It’s not like I’m some dog! I could eat together with them! I can’t even sit at the table?!  (Lots of editing of cuts. Want to know what Na PD said to make LSG react like this!)

NaPD: What do you think? It’s going to be an issue with him, right? (So evil!)

Seunggi: I heard that it was going to be a really great trip…

Seojin: Yeah, I was told it was going to be ‘Art trip with Art School hyung’! (puahaha)

Seunggi: Wait, but we haven’t signed the contract yet… right?

NaPD: Your company already took care of that!

Seojin: You should taste bitterness before enlisting for military service!
(omg Seojin has absolutely no sympathy for his dongseng! He and Na PD are like tag-teaming now!)

[Experience the bitterness of life once… Taste it!]

Wahhh. Seunggi already suffered for 5 years on 1N2D at the hand of Na PD~~~
Of course, at our enjoyment and tears!~~~
Na PD, please don’t be too evil~~!!!

Na PD~ Don’t forget…. remember the last day of 1N2D~~~
And how you loved it when Seunggi hugged you~~!!!
We know you’re one of his biggest fanboys, so hope you show mercy….. Ha.

Images: Naver, As labeled, English: LSGfan

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4 Responses

  1. Looking this make me cant wait to see SeungGi return back to the variety show program. Wonder what’s PD Na’s has in his evil mind for SeungGi this time …lol. Thanks Ann ^^

  2. Thanks Ann for the translation. PD Na, we can so trust you to be evil! You really deserve that epithet!

  3. Thanks Ann for the translation.

  4. Thank you so much for the translation. I was really quite curious of their conversation ^^.

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