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Cuckoo CF [30s] Will You Marry Me – Seunggi vocals & Gifs

Love 30s CF version the best!  Mainly Seunggi’s vocals.  And more Gifs~~ Yay.

Cucko CF [30s] Will You Marry Me

♪♫ Will you marry me~~ Will you forever live with me.
♪♫The two of us~~ Sweetly loving each other.
LSG: Because I want to protect and treasure you.
♪♫I’m thankful to have met a wonderful person like you.
♪♫ Everyday, I want to ‘Cuckoo’ with you,

(Doorbell~~~  Guest?  A date?)

Video: AirenVideo, English: LSGfan

More Cuckoo CF gifs~~~ can’t get enough.

Seriously niiiiiice kitchen!

Eyeing water level while holding up pot?!  My mom would disapprove!

Too much lovey dovey gazing at rice cooker.

WHO looks this CUTE waiting for rice to be done?!

No one beats Seunggi in foodgasm expressions~~!!

Omg, more serenading the rice cooker?!

Hope they continue the story into the next CF.
Want to know who he’s waiting for when doorbell rings…..

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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