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Gu Family Book – Must see Seunggi / Kangchi video player

Fanamade video player is a MUST watch~~!!!  Some of my fave scenes!  Just click the title at DCLSG – Kangchi Video Player.  Totally A-mazing~~ I translated the titles.  Seunggi, as Kangchi, really showed a great range of emotions from hilarious to angry to heartbroken.  (Honestly, it’s difficult to sit through some of the scenes of Suzy trying to emote, make expressions and deliver her lines in varied ways, but at least she got a little better by the end.  She’s definitely benefited from good male acting partners).  Some gifs of Kangchi’s varied daebak expressions~~~

omg Seunggi’s eyes always communicate everything!

His anger even makes smoke appear!

No need for showy, slick weapons with Kangchi’s powers!

So cute…

Yet so hot~~

Modern Kangchi~ My most fave Kangchi style!


Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translation of the titles and the link. Love lots of SeungGi’s scenes there. He really expressive and super good delivering all the scenes ^^

  2. Love the GIF’s he is such a Cutie Pie, love him forever.

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