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Lee Seunggi talks his parents and KB Financial Group

*Update – ENG subbed video*

(video: Le Yen) Thx~! Great job on the ENG subs!

Non-publicized interview for KB family and friends from January 2012.  He rarely talks publicly about his family out of respect for them, so this is kind of a treat.  I love that his parents both had worked at KB, but he didn’t share that with KB reps~~ So Seunggi.

[January 2012] KB interview
English: LSGfan; Video: Hyuk Ahn via Tryp96

LSG: To KB family and friends, I hope all your hopes and dreams will come true in 2012. As KB Financial Group model, I too hope to encounter good things together with you. I hope KB will continue to carry forward its warm and top-class image as a financial group. And as the model, I will aim to do the same and let’s start the 2012 year with a bang. Everyone have a happy new year.

Q: Your parents had worked for KB Bank…

LSG: My father worked there for 16 years, and my mom for 7 years. Honestly, when news about that came out, my parents felt very shy, and me too. I didn’t mention this when I first met KB representatives because I didn’t want it to seem like I was asking for any special treatment. I came to meet KB as entertainer Lee Seunggi and through business and good relations, so I didn’t talk about my family because I felt somewhat shy about it. But then over time, working together with KB felt like family. And as the endorsement model, I grew to have a lot of affection for them. So later on, when it was shared that my parents had worked there, they were really surprised.

Q: How did your parents react to you becoming a KB endorsement model?

LSG: They were really happy about it. Not only my parents, but my company too, and me as well. Typically my management company president never tries to contact me during 1N2D filming, but she did so for the first time to tell me about the KB endorsement. I know KB had to make a mindful decision, so I was thankful. And as endorsement model, I think I’ve worked hard not to disappoint… hehe.

Q: Using KB…

LSG: I use 3 cards and they’re all KB… hehe.  I was thinking, maybe I made too many just for KB. But I’m the model for KB, so I didn’t feel right about using other cards. My father and mother are the same and all our accounts were moved to KB.

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