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Cuckoo CF + Section TV interview – Seunggi so cute! [Gifs]

Gifs~~♥ omg, the rice cooker is actually blowing heart-shaped steam?!  lol.

Such a pretty kitchen studio set!

Rice cooker gets SO much love~~~ wahhhh.

LSG: Everyday, I want to Cuckoo with you~~ (omo.)

[Video] Cuckoo CF – 15 sec. We need Making CF too~~

(video: mcuckoo)

More gifs from MBC Section TV interview cut.

On the set of the Cuckoo CF filming~~

Salt and pepper shaker figurines?!  interesting.

omg~~~ sings into wisk with oven mitten on other hand~!

Whoa, niiiiice knife skills~~~

We love our love bullets~~!!  Even if for a premium rice cooker,

Interview time~~~

Why LSG bust out laughing………………

Omo, crazy scary reporter bride announcing their engagement~~

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Soompi LSG

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