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Airport fashion/style – Seunggi for Taiwan 2013 fan meet

September 13~15.  Airport fashion/style – Taiwan edition.  Consistent ‘pattern’~~ Thailand, Singapore, and now Taiwan.  Stripes and blue/navyblue.  And recently, fitted/tailored shirts~~ yaaaayyy.  The baby blue star in his pocket…. didn’t like it at first, but now it seems too cute!  Imagine he looked in the mirror in the morning, patted the star, smiling because it was so cute~~ puahahaha~~ Nice touch with the belt color.

Rainy day departure~~~

His expression + that baby blue star in his pocket~~

Why so cute?!  but in man-boy way~~~ with that fitted shirt! hehe.

omg ‘missed one nail manicure’ lady is waaaayyyyy too grabby.  no no.

Arrival in Taiwan~~~  So sweet of fans to wait throughout the flight delay~~~

[Video] Return~~~ @0:23~ omg some fangirl is like wailing/sobbing~~!!

(video: chen217)

[Video] Taiwanese press footage~ more escalator LSG~~ lol.

(video: chicty2011)

[Video] Whoa lots of fan service all the way to the car~~ Delay gets you that!

(video: Leslie Kuang)

[Video] Leaving back for Korea~~~  Love love love his bag!

(video: 毅賢 張)

Must’ve been a sunny day.

Sheer navy color again v-neck again, and whoa~~ sunglasses.  a rarity~~

Wow, now I get why Seunggi almost never wears sunglasses~~

It definitely helps to fend away camera flashes (and hides tired eyes!)

He doesn’t need to~~~

[Video] Back in Korea~~ Love her fancams always~!!!

(video: sh Reine)

Images: As labeled, Twitter

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