Airport fashion/style – Seunggi for Singapore 2013 fan meet

September 6~8.  Airport fashion/style – Singapore edition.  Like Thailand trip, stripes and blue again.  Thank you for not tucking in the shirt~~!!  Great loose round neck shirt (collarbone exposure~ please do more of this!), and perfect sheer cardigan.  Crisp white sneakers are okay, the pristine white is nice.  LSG so clean-cut!  Definitely sooooo unique, different from other 20s K-stars’ airport fashion~~!!!

Escalator fan photos are so exciting~~~ I’m weird.

ooooohhhhh~  A bit disheveled look~~~~  always niiiiiiice.

Whoa, check out those collarbones!

[Video] Set to~ Last Words~~~ Wahhhhh~ love this fancam!!


[Video] Love the chants~~~ Lee Seunggi!!! Lee Seunggi~!!!  Awesome.

(video: Lee Seung Gi SingaporeAiren)

[Video] omg Screams and Scurrying Feet~~ LSG is in some horror film?!?!

(video: ZT MTDT)

And flying back to Korea after the fan meeting~~~

[Video] omg the music and LSG’s worried look~~~ definitely scary movie material!!

(video: KM Cholee]

Vest.  Navy blue and sheer again.  And the return of ajusshi pants~~ lol.

Images: As labeled

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