Singapore press conference – Lee Seunggi, handsome-chic for 2013 ‘The Brilliant Show’

September 6, 2013.  Singapore Press Conference at Bugis+ Mall.  Wow, he looked so chic, handsome, put together!  (Cody, good job!)  Love it!  Loved Singapore press photos from last year, but compared to here, he looked like a baby then!  I seriously need to see this kind of thing in his next drama~~~!!!!!

I just can’t believe Cody actually got him a tailored, fitted suit!

And the blinged out shoes~~~ NIce touch.

The most skin LSG will expose~~~~ that is, for public consumption~~~

Definitely WAY more classy and sexy than showing everything!

(sorry translator chick~~ had to ‘gift’ you in the photos~~!!)

LSG Singapore fanclub photos were, by far, the best~~~

Thank you!  Seunggi looked so handsome!



So naturally charming~~~~

Private press interview~~~

Whoa, what’s going on here~~~

At first, I thought those were zippers going up the side of the leg!

Great sponsorship for LSG fan meet from Kia~~~

Singapore really knows how to host Korea stars~~~

Goodbye kiss~~~

[Video] Fancam – Press conference~~~ @23 and @30~~~ Kiss~~

(video: libra22)

Images: As labeled, cropped/edited by LSGfan

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One Response

  1. That translator chick has caused a lot of grief among my circle of Seung Gi fans. Why? Exhibit 1 – see how much PS/cutting you have to do just to get a picture featuring Seung Gi, and ONLY Seung Gi? It’s unbelievable. And if she’s hovering around while doing what she’s supposed to do, that’d be acceptable, sort of. But from clips and eyewitness reports, that did not seem to be the case. At times she totally forgot her job and just started fangirling. One cartoon from a Korean fan said it best: in it Seung Gi was communicating with a translator via ‘cup telephone’ with a very LONG string and a minimum allowable distance!

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