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Seunggi is super cute for Cuckoo print ads sneak peek

Why so cute?!  Now that it’s official — Allkpop: Lee Seung Gi is ideal husband material as the new endorsement model for rice cooker brand ‘CUCKOO’ — starting this month, September 2013… we should see these lovely images soon~~!!  Cuckoo is the #1 favored rice cooker brand in Korea.  They’ve been making a big push in China, with a great reception.  And premium rice cookers aren’t cheap!  The new one in Seunggi’s CF can range up to $600.  The rival rice cooker brand, Cuchen, is endorsed by Jang Dong Gun.  As Cuckoo’s exclusive model, Seunggi will also endorse other popular products like the water purifier, humidifier, and others.

Premium rice cookers are a must among many Koreans, so it’s serious business.  As are the home appliances to keep us healthy at home.  My mom is one of those obsessed appliance nuts.  The home appliance industry is very competitive.  Prior to Seunggi, the Cuckoo brand was endorsed by, most recently, Won Bin (one of my top faves, way after Seunggi of course!), and before that, Son Ye Jin, and Lee Hee Ae (the actress rumored to be joining PD Na’s new travel variety show).

Not surprising to see Cuckoo sign Seunggi upon his Samsung Zipel contract ending.  Going from premium fridges to premium rice cookers and home appliances.  Four years of the ‘Seunggi fridge’ is kinda sad to say goodbye to, but I’m sure we’ll see the LSG effect with Cuckoo too.  Jun Ji Hyun has been the new model for Zipel, and I’m happy a female, not a male model(!), is being used~~

Curious to know what these are for~~~ maybe humidifier?

Air washer~~~

Pressure cooker~~

Omg he’s snuggling with the pressure cooker!

Water purifier~~?

This one, can’t tell~~

And rice cooker~~ first main Cuckoo CF.  I think we get the ad message~~  Cuckoo rice cookers are ‘full stainless, premium compact design’~ just like Seunggi~~!!!

Happy to see Cuckoo website updated.  Hope there’s lots of BTS to come~~

Images: DCLSG

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