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Seunggi cooks, sings Will You Marry Me in new Cuckoo rice cooker CF [15s]

[Seunggi’s Cuckoo Life]

♪♫ Will you marry me~~ Will you forever live with me~~♪♫ (lucky rice cooker!)

[All four components are full stainless steel.]  [Healthy and clean.]

LSG: Because I want to protect and treasure you.

♪♫ Everyday, I want to Cuckoo with you~~~♪♫

(Whoa~~ omg, they replaced “love” with “Cuckoo”~~!!!)

Video: AirenVideo, English: LSGfan

How do fans get a hold of stuff like this, even though it’s not set to air on TV yet?!

Previously, he was serenading a Zipel fridge…

And now he’s showing love to a rice cooker…?!?!

Do they know that, in English, cuckoo means to be crazy or insane over something?!  LOL, perfect match with Seunggi!

Me: Mom, I think it’s time I start learning how to cook…

Mom: Great!!!  Good cooking skills is a must for every Korean lady…

Me: Okay whatever.  Um, but I’ll need a new rice cooker to get started.  Ya know, because healthy, perfect rice is very important, right?

Mom: Definitely. Of course.

Moms can be so easy sometimes!  Moms are the best!

I cuckoo Seunggi~~~!!!!

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