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Lee Seunggi to grace Ceci’s 19th anniversary issue, set to release in Korea, China, and Thailand

Lee Seunggi to grace the cover of Ceci’s 19th anniversary issue,
simultaneous release in Korea, China, Thailand

English: LSGfan via Nate

September 11, 2013. Singer and actor Lee Seunggi will grace the cover of the October commemorative 19th anniversary issue of fashion magazine, Ceci.

After wrapping up his recent MBC drama “Gu Family Book,” while Lee Seunggi has been busy with his Asia tour schedule and other various activities, he participated in the upcoming Ceci cover shoot, which will be published in 3 countries including Korea, China, and Thailand.

Lee Seunggi, as the first ever Ceci cover guy to grace the magazine twice, showed why he is a superstar that stands the test of time.

For this photo shoot, in order to congratulate Ceci’s 19th anniversary, he perfectly captured the scene of a sweet guy baking a cake. Different from the manly image he portrayed in his recent drama, there was talk that his expression of a cute boyfriend madly in love drew admiration from the female staff on set.

And opposite from that, on the cover, he captures the feel of fall in a classic suit, appearing before the camera and displaying his charms as a real man.

According to a staff who was on site for the filming with Lee Seunggi, “It was a photo shoot in which he exuded a both comfortable and lovable feel, as well as a manly charm at the same time. Although he is consistent and serious, his well-mannered approach throughout the shoot was especially impressive.

Woot Woot!  Can’t wait.

He’s really always secretly at work without telling anyone.   Low-key is a good thing, and very Seunggi~~~  as Ceci said, “a superstar who stands the test of time!”

Not feeling the bunched up crotch pants part(!) but love the concept and can’t wait to see Seunggi in classic suit on the front cover!  Baking a cake too~~~ what a perfect concept for our guy who took baking classes with his mom~~~ Awwwww.

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