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Lee Seunggi’s power brunch prior to KB Bank “Good Jobs”

Crown prince Lee Seunggi strikes again~~!! Now this is a power brunch.  And the king fits right in~~~  More from the September 5th KB Good Jobs event.   Prior to ribbon-cutting ceremony, looks like Seunggi brunched with the presidents of KB Bank and KB Financial Group (seated on each side), and reps from the Korean Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Financial Supervisory Service, and others.  Ya know, just a normal day in the life of entertainer Seunggi… then flying to Singapore the next morning for full press activities and fan meeting~~ Man, I’m SO lazy!

Ha, knowing how my dad and his buddies, I can imagine the joking comments they had for Seunggi!  I’d love to see video of this!


Just lovely~~~  Sparkling clear eyes and smile say SO much.

The “formal” walk to the ribbon ceremony.

Aw, manager-nim has been working really hard. He always protects LSG well.

More awesome photos from the event~~~

Candid moments~~~~  Always the best.

How did he keep a straight face with LSG images all around?!

[Video] Official video cut at KBstory blog

Okay, seriously…………….

This looks like a mini Seunggi fan meeting event!!!  LOL at the KB goodie bags.

Omg, he really looks like he’s about to get married here~~~!!!

That will be a very sad day.  I’ll just have to get married before him!

Seunggi deserves to be styled like this for his next drama!

Images: As labeled, KBstory

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2 Responses

  1. Seeing him sitting among the other CEO is like seeing a chaebol at a meeting with his other executives LOL. He’s the only young fellow there…

  2. Dear Ann,

    See here http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2587085827 for the translated version of your post.

    You are the greatest!


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