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[ENG] MBC Section TV 09.08.13 – Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry

* Updated video cuts *

Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry
Video: MBCentertainment, English translation: LSGfan

Ideal man among women.  A man with varied charms whom we want to love, it’s charming guy Lee Seunggi. His warm smile makes women’s hearts go du-geun dugeun. A man we want to marry, You’re curious about Lee Seunggi’s romantic encounter, right?!  Starts now~~

On location at a studio for the filming of a home appliance commercial (CF), we found the charming Lee Seunggi focused and showing his knife skills. And showing his hidden cooking skills! Is there anything you can’t do, Lee Seunggi?!

LSG: Hello. happy to see you Section… An endorsement desired by many men, I’m here filming a rice cooker commercial. (Won Bin was one of my first loves, but Seunggi is my #1 and this Cuckoo CF is gonna be seriously daebak!)
PD: Is the concept very similar to that of Lee Seunggi?
LSG: Sure, you could say it’s very similar! About 90%.

Capturing the hearts of women with his attentive and warm charms, Lee Seunggi, you seemed completely at home during the filming. [Seulgi~ Wow, he’s really good!] Cooking skills are a given, but even showing aegyo with love hearts too! The staff all felt that was perfect! And Seunggi didn’t forget to monitor things closely either.

LSG: I think it may be too much~~!!
PD: I saw that you were slightly dancing.
LSG: I was just moving with the rhythm of the song.

PD: When you shot the love hearts, all the staff members said that was great.
LSG: For some reason, I felt I had to shoot one of these to the rice cooker (LOL)

In order to meet this perfect guy, a bride appears. Who could this woman be?

SYR: Seunggi~ have you waited long? (Omg she show up in full length veil. Seulgi, a Seunggi fan who did the same for previous Section interview, is yelling from the studio~ Don’t! Stop! puahaha!)

SYR: Thank you for coming to Seunggi and my engagement announcement. (Seulgi yelling at SYR~ Are you sick? You don’t look well! LOL)
LSG: An engagement announcement?! (Omg, the WTF expression on LSG!)

Yes, Seunggi was a little shocked. But it’s okay, don’t worry, I’m not going to devour you, Seunggi~!

SYR: I saw you cooking earlier on. Are you confident in cooking?
LSG: I’ve always liked cooking. I think I can cook well! People say it tastes good, but they don’t ofen ask me to cook again.
SYR: What is your best dish?
LSG: Braised short ribs. (yummy~~)

I’m anticipating, just imagining this dish that Seunggi would prepare.

SYR: Many women are curious about your ideal type. (omg please stop asking him this.  it’s getting annoying.  like every single interview, he gets asked this.)
LSG: Ideal type… honestly, it’s always changing.

(LSG saying how Lee Jaeha Jaeha liked the voluptuous type! And Seulgi shouting out~ He’s honest! That’s good! LOL)

LSG: Back then, maybe that was the case. Now, I think it’s the different, someone who’s more comfortable and considerate.
SYR: Older women?
LSG: I debuted with Because You’re My Woman, and I was 99.9% for older women then. Now that I’ve gotten older, that percentage has decreased a lot.

SYR: How about Suzy, whom you acted with in Gu Family Book?
LSG: Suzy… of course, she’s a style that guys would tend to like.
SYR: That’s it?
LSG: What else is there? (Seunggi so smart; not falling for this BS)
SYR: I’m just curious whether you thought she’s okay or anything like that while filming your drama. I’m not trying to corner you, but…
LSG: Of course you’re trying to do that! (He’s one step ahead of her!)

Sorry to do that to you, Seunggi!

SYR: We can’t leave out Gu Family Book. Wasn’t it difficult?
LSG: The makeup and visual… being a bit scary but also flower-like shabang shabang. Balancing that was hard.

SYR: If a sageuk came in again, would you do it?
LSG: I would do it, but it must be a high position no matter what.
SYR: How about a king character? (definitely wanna see this!)
LSG: No matter what, a king character is great. Since the character’s position was low, I had to run so much and it required a lot of stamina. (huhu. I don’t think any of us realize how much he had to go through during the filming).

Lee Seunggi has worked with some great actresses up until now. Before Suzy, lovely smile Han Hyojoo, naughty charming Shin Mina, and top actress Ha Jiwon. Which actress did he click with the most?

LSG: With Hyojoo, the energy generated at that time… she’s an actress I worked with on a great project. We had talked about how it would be fun if we were to meet again, whether it be a movie or a drama.

SYR: A lot of actor hoobaes say you’re their role model. Did you know that?
LSG: I don’t recall…

SYR: With role model, we think more middle-aged…
LSG: Does that mean I look old?! (LOL)
SYR: Im Shiwhan, Yoon Shiyoon, and Yura.
LSG: I’m thankful, of course. For those in the same line of work to think that. My goal is to go thin and long. I want to work a long time. Seeing sunbae-nims who’ve worked for 30 years makes me think I want to be like that.

Succeeding as a singer with each of his albums becoming hits, there are a lot of fans awaiting your next album, including me!

LSG: I plan to take my time in preparing for an album since I feel I need to be personally involved. And that requires necessary time.

SYR: I heard you’re in the midst of your Asia fan meetings.

After the successful fan meeting in Thailand, in September and October, he’ll visit Taiwan, China, and other countries to meet with fans.

LSG: Especially fans abroad, liking me a lot even though I don’t get to see them often, I’m really thankful of course. (Awww~~~)

LSG: Section TV viewers, I’ll be preparing various things. Continue to stick with me. Thank you.

Section will always be rooting for you, Seunggi-shi~~

Images we can anticipate from upcoming Cuckoo endorsement~~~!!!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled/Twitter

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  1. Thank you. I’ve been curious to what are they talking about. SeungGi looks very charming in the video.

    I love the bear hugging SeungGi, he’s too cute there <3

  2. Thank you so much for translating the whole interview, can’t help but admire Seunggi more and more everytime he answers questions, very smart and humour

  3. Thanks Ann for the translation ^^

  4. Thanks for the translation, he sure is looking good, and so smart, I loved how he blew off the Suzy questions, this is going to be a great CF can’t wait

  5. thanks for the translation <3

  6. Thanks Ann for the translation!

  7. seunggi yahh…long time no see….miss u! happy until now you always mention our lovely smile hyo joo sshi..hope some day both of you meet again in another great project..drama or movie#bigpray!!! amien..(sorry for my bad english)…..hehehe keep smile everybody.

  8. Was looking for this, Updated video of SeungGi <3

  9. thank you so much for translate eonni~ ahhh i can’t wait for cuckoo CF ^^

  10. Good movie,i from Indonesia nice to see u at next movie.we can be friend Jesus bless you always

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