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[ENG] Lee Seunggi & Kim Yuna congratulate KBstory

Hello, I am KB Financial Group endorsement model, Lee Seunggi. I sincerely congratulate the opening of KB Story. *clap clap clap* (So cute!) Everyone please participate in the event while you’re here. On KB Financial Group’s official blog, underneath the KB story congratulatory video, if you leave a congratulatory message, you will receive a gift if selected. Go ahead and participate now. *bye bye*

Listening to your stories.  KB Financial Group. KB Story.

English: LSGfan, Video: KBstory

Check out congratulatory message page at www.kbstory.com/2450/

OMG~~ Seunggi seriously could pass as an effin KB executive!  Just love him!

KB Financial Group recently opened up a social blog site and Seunggi and Kim Yuna are plastered all over the site~~ Yipee!

Rhythm gymnast Son Yeon Jae and golfer Park In Bee are also included, in the tradition of KB Financial Group sponsoring top athletes.

These are photos from years ago, just photoshopped for new events~~ New ones?!

Congratulatory messages from KB stars on the opening of KB story blog

KB, always by my side and sticking with me, I think of you as a supporter that’s strong and I can lean on. ~ Kim Yuna

KB, which now seems like family to me, I’ll always root for you.  I too will work to show my best. ~ Lee Seunggi

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