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[ENG] Seunggi thanks #1 ranked fanclub in Singapore

[Video] Specially for Lee Seung Gi (2013 The Brilliant Show in Singapore)

(video: Lee Seung Gi SingaporeAiren)

[Fancam] Tribute video played + Seunggi’s thanks to the fans

Translator did a good job but Seunggi’s responses about the meaning of Airen and Singapore Airen fanclub being #1 was a bit more nuanced.  English translation….

MC: How do you pronounce it in Singapore… Airen? It’s A-i-ren, isn’t it?! Do you know what Airen means?

LSG: It’s the name of my first official fanclub. And I understand it to mean~ “the only one precious person in this world.

MC: Wow and Airen means lover too! How do you feel about that?

LSG: It is awesome. It is good. (lol. wish he spoke more English.)

MC: All the fans here are interested in your next project… album, drama…

LSG: Variety show? (directed to fan who shouted that). After the Asia tour and concerts in Japan and Korea, as you may already know, I’ll be doing a variety program.

MC: That’s good news, back to the variety scene. After so much interaction with the fans, what do you have to say to the fans?

LSG: Really, I’m always grateful. Oh and I heard that the Singapore Airens came in as the #1 fanclub in Singapore. I’m so so proud and thankful. (Aw)

Video: Serene Peh, English: LSGfan

Singapore Airens are seriously jjang~~!!!  The tribute video is love!

From the first stop awesome Thailand fan meet to Singapore~~

Seunggi must be soooo happy.

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3 Responses

  1. May I know the title of the song used in the video by the singapore airens? It is sung by seung gi right?
    Thanks :)

    • Lee Seung Gi, feat. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung
      “Like the First Time”
      one of my fave LSG songs~~~ love the lyrics~~ :)
      but his agency didn’t promote the song when it came out :(

  2. Thanks a lot, it’s really nice! Love it the first time i heard it even though I didn’t understand the lyrics. 😍

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