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Seunggi arrives in Korea after Universal Studios Japan

September 1.  Japan back to Korea.  My absolute fave LSG airport fashion EVER~~!!
(I can even ignore his usual airport mushroom hairstyle…. to some extent.)
Fitted t-shirt and perfect casual, stylish lightweight cardigan, and sunglasses clipped.

Fancam @0:37~ “Oppa annyeong!”  That’s how you get Seunggi’s attention.
(video: mijoi0113)

Fancam~ slow motion + music~~ the best kind.
(video: sh Reine)

Dear Cody~ just recycle this outfit concept, ok?  SO easy, ok?
(but please, no more mushroom hair!  Jebal~~~~)

Thank you Universal Studios Japan t-shirt~~~~!!!!!

Lee Seojin appearing soon after.  They really travel like everywhere together!

Whoa~~~ has LSG been working out~~?!?!?!

Yay for backs~~!!  Thank you manager-nims for protecting Seunggi!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Twitter

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