Lee Seunggi suited up with guitar, Universal Studios Japan

August 31, 2013.  Universal Studios Japan.  SO like Seunggi to be classic suited up for an outdoor concert in 85 degree weather!  I miss LSG’s white t-shirt but he looked great~~ and loved LSG and his guitar.  ♪♫ As long as I got my SUIT AND TIE I’m a leave it all on the floor tonight ♪♫ (LSG, can you channel some Justin Timberlake?!)


Everytime he smiles, I want to melt~~~~

No words…………………

This is just picture perfect~~~~ Awwwww.

Images: DCLSG, As labeled, Cropped by LSGfan

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3 Responses

  1. I wonder it too..it must’ve been hard & hot for Seunggi wearing suit while performing outdoor yet it seems like He pull off it well-:) soo Seunggi~ish as always. with guitar the heat is ON!

    • I’m gonna bet that Seunggi is the only one ever to be in a full suit at an 11:30am outdoor Universal Studios Japan performance in 85 degree humid summer heat. Saw some of the fancams. He sounded great singing live!

      • I guess that “scorching heat camp” on 1N2D does have it advantage after all. I thought it’s just NaPD being unreasonable :)

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