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[ENG] Pizza Hut special delivery event with Lee Seunggi

August 2013 – Pizza Hut special delivery event

What if Lee Seunggi delivered Crown Pocket pizza made the way I want?
Summer 2013, solely for Pizza Hut fans, a touching Pizza Hut story!

LSG: These very special pizzas, prepared directly by the chef, are now complete!  Since these are pizzas with special ingredients, I’m also very curious who the lucky receivers will be.  I’ll deliver these pizzas hot and straight from the oven, so I’m heading out now!

This summer, a surprise project prepared by Korea Pizza Hut.
Specified by fans, made by Chef Paul and provided by Lee Seunggi, Pizza Hut’s “Crown Pocket As Specified”

July 29, 2013.  Korea Pizza Hut headquarters.  Selecting the winners.

Carrying these one of kind gifts, Seunggi set out to meet you.

(Seunggi visits Ewha Womens University)
Girls: Lee Seunggi!
LSG: I came to personally deliver this.
[Hamburger Crown Pocket Pizza]
Girls: Thank you so much to Seunggi oppa who came here personally to deliver this special pizza.  Our members will work even harder and practice even more to prepare for the college festival. Thank you.
(Aw, Seunggi patting the girls. Such a great oppa!)

(Seunggi visits an office building)
Lee Seunggi personally delivers a one of a kind Crown Pocket pizza that is filled with a wife’s love.
LSG: This is a present from your wife.
[Chicken crown pocket pizza]
Husband: Since the pizza pockets have chicken which I like, it’s really different and very delicious. I think I’ll be loving Pizza Hut a lot from now on!
(Omg, just seeing Seunggi laugh with this ajusshi just makes me melt!)

LSG: Since I was able to to provide a one of a kind pizza to people who are loved, it was a special time for me too.  It felt really great and I enjoyed it! Like the one of a kind pizzas,  I hope that the things that you all wish for, the things you hope for, as you’ve specified, will come true!  Love you!

Ha~ @2:04~ Love the credits~~~ “Lee Seunggi as special delivery man!”

Video: AirenVideo, English: LSGfan

More from Pizza Hut facebook event~~~

Seunggi, where are you going?
Appearing at PIzza Hut is Seunggi!  Why would he be holding pizza boxes?

It’s real!  He really appeared!
As specified, Lee Seunggi personally appeared!

Doo-geun Doo-geun *heart beating*
Where might Lee Seunggi be heading with those pizzas?

It was a cheerleading meeting at a women’s university!
Kyaa~ it’s pizza~~ Wait, that’s, it’s Seunggi oppa!!!

Aw, the bestest delivery gift ever~~~~!!!!
Pizza Hut facebook: [Video] Seunggi, where are you going with that pizza?

Ok, seriously~~~ look at THIS precious face~~~

Look at THIS precious smile~~~

And a few weeks ago, Seunggi filming for new Pizza Hut CF……………..

Whoa~~~ sequence of faraway backside shots of a relaxing LSG is really hot!

Hook really doesn’t believe in publicizing his schedule, even to fans!

Not surprisingly, the blogger said, upon seeing Seunggi after the filming finished and headed to his van, his Cody really seemed like an “Anti”~~~ Aigoo…

Can’t wait for new CF~~ especially since that crown pocket one was SO lame!

Yeah, I have a feeling we’ll see this kind of Seunggi in the new PIzza Hut CF~~~!!

Images: Pizza Hut, Fiesta, Naver blog

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2 Responses

  1. Though I’m hungry for SeungGi news, I think it’s good that Hook doesn’t released the schedule. At least paparazzi won’t know his schedule and followed him easily XD

  2. I agree too..but what about his cody being anti? Cody doesn’t know there’s a lot of anti for him instead hahaha..opps! i didn’t even know if Cody is He or She-:)

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