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Thailand – 2013 Lee Seunggi fan meeting [photos] ④

August 10, 2013. Thailand Fan Meeting.  Super high quality, amazing capture photos posted at Peerajit Photography facebook and Noted Colour facebook.  And ALL the precious moments at LSG Thailand facebook.  These are from the concert portion…

LSG looks so young and naive here……

Yet, totally in control and maestro-like here……  very cool.

Just can’t get over these amazing photos~~~

So I guess he took the jacket off for the next set….

Omg, we are in the middle of summer… How many layers was he wearing?!?!?!

Even Seunggi looks happier and more freed up now~~~~  Love these!

Love this sequence of photos too, especially Seunggi~~~

Maybe because the choreography seems new, fresh, and not so typical cutesy!

Sing it~~~~~~~~

Whoa, all these photos are SO amazing~~~

I guess this was the last change.

Got rid of the vest….. but brought back the jacket! Where’s the white t-shirt?!?!?!!

Images: LSG Thailand, Twitter, As labeled (some are cropped by LSGfan)

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