Thailand – 2013 Lee Seunggi fan meeting [photos] ③

August 10, 2013. Thailand Fan Meeting.  The power of a simple white t-shirt~~ especially on guys with broad shoulders and nice arms~~!!

Yipee, no more unnecessary over-sized lapel jacket!

Simple white t-shirt~~~~  that’s all it took!  SO much better~~!!!!

These games with fans are such a great idea!

He (and the fans!) look like he’s having SO much fun!


Omg, this fan like surprise jumped Seunggi from the back!

Omg….  Seunggi looks so shy and embarrassed here,  Maybe almost like he’s getting in trouble for something!  LOLs.  Was going to crop out the fangirl with the flower but her giggling juxtaposed with his expression is SO amusing.

More daebak expressions from Seunggi~~~  Big smile laughs.  Loves it.

These fans are so carefree, sweet, and brave…. Awwww.


So mischievous and playful~~~~

Another outfit change.  No more white t-shirt?  huhuhu.  Back to long-sleeve.

Love seeing Natt holding hands with Seunggi like this!  So happy for her!

But sorry Natt, had to crop you and the other fans out……

to get these fuller images of LSG~~~~!!!!  Feels like 1n2d bokbulbok.

Omg poor LSG…. having to do the Gwiyomi.  Ack.

Not really into the aegyo thing, but once in a while, it’s totally cute.

Images: LSG Thailand, Twitter, As labeled (some are cropped by LSGfan)

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  1. the photos look more greater with your comment, really enjoyable & love to read your vibrant comment.

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