Thailand – 2013 Lee Seunggi fan meeting [photos] ②

August 10, 2013. Fan Meeting.  Love Seunggi’s expression while flexing his arm!  First outfit for the evening. Cody is SO obsessed with over-sized, stand-out-ish jacket lapels!  Ergh… but yipee for another white t-shirt! and great fit black pants~~!!!

Love how they showcase all his dramas~~~~
Ok, when seeing it like this, omg it’s a pretty impressive list.
Seunggi’s so good about promoting the dramas in Korea and abroad.
(um, THE difference compared to others who make it ALL about THEMSELVES!)

Whoa~~~ the Kangchi love~~~!!!
Fans loved his drama character Kangchi the most.
Aw, Lee Jaeha was second runner-up.

And opening the fan meet with “Losing My Mind.”
Never understood why Hook never includes this in Seunggi’s song line-ups in Korea. This is like the most upbeat song and young people loved it. Well, love for Hoi Couple is still strong!! With me being one of them!

Seunggi looks like he’s MCing his own show!
Hope he speaks more English in the upcoming fan meets.
Love when he speaks English~~~~~

Images: As labeled, LSG Thailand, Twitter

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