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Thailand – 2013 Lee Seunggi fan meeting [photos] ①

August 9, 2013.  Bangkok, Thailand.  Press conference.  Why only one photo from this press avail…?  Love the simple white button down and black pants.  And for the other press avail, white t-shirt, navy or black jacket, and jeans looked great too…

So…  How did we get to this jacket for the main press conference?
Cody… *sigh* Seunggi could’ve just gone with only the t-shirt underneath!
But Seunggi looked totally at ease with the mic and very handsome~~~

Really love the fan photos posted at JYP Studios.

Totally WAY better than all the press photos!

The next day, after the fan meeting.  Handshake session.

Shirt pattern has a sort of Thai feel to it.  At least Cody was on subject!
Is that his own fan merchandise bandanna on his wrist?  Cute.
Love the way Seunggi always makes direct eye contact with people~~~
Photos always show him intently listening, making it all NOT about himself!!
One of the reasons I can’t help but to love him more each time~~!!!!

Images: As labeled, LSG Thailand, Twitter

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