Lee Seunggi x Heritory collaboration project [Video, Gifs]

(video: HERITORY)

Yipee.  Seunggi SO playful~~!!!  Love the collection campaign even more for his involvement in the Equalizer inspiration for the Heritory collaboration project.  In addition to being an entertainer, sometimes I really think he is a budding CEO in the making!  Have to admit, I miss seeing Variety’s CEO/Original Heodang on tv…

Yo~~~ wassup~~~???!!!!  puhahaha. Whoa~~~ SO gangsta~~!!!
The sweet and cute kind, of course~~!  As the one and only Lee Seunggi can be!

Now this is more like the LSG we know….

Bookish, nerdy LSG in glasses~~~
Intellectual, witty guys~~~ always SO hot!

Preppy bow-tie  and striped cardigan look~~~~

Why SO shy and demure~~~~?!?!?!
I like I like.

Wahhhh~~~ Loves this!
Nice jump, Seunggi~~~!!!  His laugh and smile~~~ *melts*

Images: Fiesta

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