[ENG] Seunggi gets teary-eyed, all choked-up in Thailand

Aug 10. Thailand Fan Meeting. Still can’t get over this brilliant Thai Airen video. huhu.

[Fancam] Showing of the video and LSG’s teary-eyed reaction and response~~~
Wahhh~~~ (English translation below the video…..)

@4:20~~ Aw all the I♥U signs at the end of the Thai Airen video!
LSG: Wow… Thank you so much. That really touched me. Thank you so so much. I think it’s the first time watching a video that made me me choke up like this. Thank you so much. I think it was a really great idea to have the first fan meeting here in Thailand.  (Aw, I’m so touched too!)

@4:55~~ Oh Seunggi’s teary-eyes say it all. huhu.
MC: Per the video, there have been so many entertainers who have visited Thailand and fans have wanted to see you for such a long time, and they must have been so jealous, so thank you for coming, and hope it won’t be the last time.

@6:05~~ LSG: Really, thank you. From hereon, I don’t know when exactly, but I will definitely aim to come here as often as I can.
MC: Can you tell fans what they can anticipate from you next?
LSG: During this latter part of the year, I’ll be meeting fans like this in Asia. And at the end of the year, I’ll be preparing for my concert.
MC: This was really a fun time, to talk and meet your fans. If there’s one thing you really want to say to the fans…

@7:45~~ LSG: (talking Thai now?!) Thank you. I’ll work even harder to not disappoint the love shown by you fans, so please continue to stick with me.

Videos:  lsgthaiairen, Nansakura24
English: LSGfan

Whoa~~ All those I♥U signs after the video!  Such a great idea!!

Aw~~~~ I’m teary-eyed just looking at LSG being teary-eyed…………..

The promotion photos for the Thailand fan meeting are MY kinda LSG style!

So there was a little bit over-photoshop.  But unlike other K-pop promotional photo spreads, these STILL look like the Seunggi we know! It’s simply all about a good stylish hairstyle and classic, minimalistic tailored top and pants! Always brings out the best of LSG!

Whoever was behind the Thai promotions should go consult/advise Hook!!!

Yipee~~~ Seunggi speaking in English~~!!!

(video: LSG FanmeetBKK)

Images: LSG Thailand, Tryp96, As labeled, Twitter

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5 Responses

  1. Hello, found your site while googling for SeungGi, my first comment here :)

    The fanmade video tears me up T^T
    I can understand why SeungGi was so touched.

    Except for the first pic (he looks so thin), the other pics came out great. Most likely the last pic taken on K-Wave Magz shooting, same clothes and hairstyle seen in the full vers. of BTS video. No matter how many times I’d seen the last pic, it still manage to daze me. But bright smiley SeungGi is the best for me ^^

  2. I also tear up when seeing this video, i understood the feeling wondering if Seunggi will come to my country too.
    Thumbs up for Thailand airen.. :”’))))))

  3. The wording and pics and choice ofSeungi’s music is enough to bring tear to the eyes of anyone. Lee Seungi is likeable and I agree with the assessment of the Thai fans. I hope one day he will include Africa in his schedule but that also means that more of his dramas should be shown in Africa.Apart from BL any other of his drama is lost to us in Africa except you go online.

  4. I was there and could not hold my tear.Standing afar from stage but iIcould feel Seung Gi very close.

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