Seunggi in Heritory stripes enroute to Thailand

August 9, 2013.  Incheon Airport, Korea.  Seunggi enroute to Bangkok for Thailand fan meet.  Decked out in Heritory stripes (fitted, somewhat!) shirt~~~~!!!!  Woot Woot!

Waahhhh~~~  every time I see this precious face……….
I just wanna smile and hug him~~~!!!!

Nice stripe pattern and fit(!) on the back of the shirt too.

Such an angelic baby face………….

Yet,  too often, very much trapped in ajusshi mindset~~~!!!!! puhahahaha.
I know, he’s just super mature compared to the other K-guys.  That’s why I love him!
Love the Heritory shirt, so can’t complain.  But why always belted, ajusshi style pants!

I definitely think this shirt could’ve been MORE fitted~~~~~!!!
Come on, Seunggi! Next time….. ok.

Why so cute~~~~?!?!?!!  Fancam……….

(video: Dimple)

Arrival in Bangkok, Thailand~~~ (Thai Airens were seriously jjjjang!!!)
Wish there were more close-ups, but still nice~!!

A few days later……..
Returning back to Korea, Incheon Airport.

Seunggi’s interesting phrase-ology shirts when he’s traveling abroad……

Back of the shirt~~~ “ROCKSTEADY DRUNKARD’S DREAM”

Front of shirt~~~ “GUILTY PARTIES”

Always SOOO fascinating~~~ subliminal messages to the public?!?!

Images: As labeled, LSG Thailand

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