Seunggi for Heritory fan signing in Busan [2013.08.02]

August 2, 2013.  Lotte Department Store, Busan. Our beloved Seunggi… Love the fan video!  Every time he smiles, I melt~~!!!  His expressions are so daebak~~!!!


loves it!

Awesome gifts from fans….
Kangchi dolls~~~~~!!! so cute!

The usual mommy-little kid appearance!
Aw, kid is so shy….. but LSG smiling so big!

Whoa~~~~  Crowded!
But LSG so relaxed about it all.

Even taking time to wave to the peoples!

Nice casual look….
paired with jeans and sneakers!

Prior to the fan singing~~~~ At the airport, flying to Busan.
This relaxed look always works!  Simple t-shirts!!!

Ha, the manager’s shirt is so appropo~~~
“You can run, but you can’t hide!”

Video: seunggiairen; Images: As labeled, dcLSG, Naver

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