Sneak Peek: Seunggi for KBS K-Wave Magazine [Aug 2013]

I always want Seunggi to be WAY more fierce (well, mostly fashion and style wise!)….  But can’t help but to prefer the real, natural sweet, smiling Seunggi~~!!  Photographer Cho Seihon involved and behind the lens again….  since LSG debuted at 18!!!

27-yr old ‘Lee Seunggi.’ A young adult who makes me want to be too young^^
Seunggi at Facebook – Cho Seihon via twitter@3 photo

KBS K-Wave, August 2013, volume 11.
Cover Story: 27 years old. Talking Lee Seunggi on a summer day.
Facebook – KBS K-Wave Magazine

LSG like this for a drama character… ok, that’s totally believable…
But LSG like this in real life… without a smile?!  NO WAY~~!!!

This is much more like it~~~~!!!!!


Images: Naver, As labeled

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One Response

  1. Hoi Hoi Ann~
    “But LSG like this in real life…without a smile?! NO WAY~~!!!”

    So true, oh so true. Seung Gi is a synonim of smile for me.

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