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TVN 3 Idiots – 1N2D hyungs spazz over Seunggi-Suzy kiss


July 28, 2013 [TVN] 3 Idiots
Top Kiss Guy Capturing the Hearts of Women (Text Vote)

Gong Yoo (34%)
Lee Jinwook (10%)
Park Yoochun (14%)
Seo Inguk (12%)
Lee Seunggi (30%) ~ video cut @1:22

Omg, Jongmin going CRA-zy~~~
“Whoa~ Seunggi-ya~~! You’ve really become a man!”

Aw, cute how hyungs are rooting for Seunggi to win! hehe.

SO close~~ but the awesome Gong Yoo is a very deserved winner!
Actually, I sometimes think Seunggi resembles Gong Yoo at times.

Man, Lee Jinwook~~~ that was a hot kiss! See, that’s the kind of kiss you can do with older actresses!

So curious to see which actress will get to work with Seunggi next?!?!?!

Hopefully, someone more his peer or older so that he can have many very memorable kisses before 2-year shut-out during military service!!!!

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2 Responses

  1. ^^

  2. Ahh!! I don’t know why but i really miss seunggi with his hyungs..hope seunggi do variety show with them again..seunggi and his 6 hyungs have a great chemistry when they are together..

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