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[ENG] Grandpas over Flowers – Lee SoonJae’s fave juniors: Lee Seunggi, Ha Jiwon, Lee Byunghun, Kim Myungmin

(video: seunggiairen)

Aw, Grandpa Soonjae so affectionate toward Seunggi and the others!  A-mazing~ coming from respected and beloved Soonjae, who can’t stand irreverent, arrogant “youngsters.”  Grandpas Over Flowers is like SO meta~~~ Na PD, original fresh 1N2D-ish format, Midae Hyung Seojin, The King 2 Hearts Lee Soonjae~~~ it’s like Seunggi’s worlds coming together!  Maybe he’ll cameo in the future, now that Gu Family Book has wrapped.  He tends to like hanging out with celeb Halbaes and ajusshis rather than making friends with celeb peers!  hehe.  English screencaps…

Dramabeans Recap: Grandpas Over Flowers, Ep 3

Ha, love how he calls them all by just their first names~~~

Oh Seojin~~~ You’re such a good sport.  First, you had had to deal with Grandpa Soonjae always mentioning Kim Myungmin in interviews and now he’s name-dropping Seunggi with the others on the show!!  Omg, I really want to know what Seunggi and Seojin talked about during their Hawaii trip!!!

Images: Naver, LSGfan

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  1. I wish Lee Seung Gi will guest appear in Flower Grandpas to lend a helping hand to Lee SeoJin. Perhaps Seung GI can meet them in Switzerland. For sure Seung Gi will be able to liven up the atmosphere n bring laughters n cheers to the grandpas!!

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