More intense, chic Seunggi and Samsonite for Esquire

Lee Seunggi’s Esquire photoshoot unpublished cut revealed!!!!
July 25, 2013
English: LSGfan via Samsonite blog: PR Coverage

A few days ago we revealed a few photos from Lee Seunggi’s Esquire photoshoot for the August issue and wow~~ there was such hot interest shown here, that we just had to say, “As expected, that is just like Lee Seunggi-nim.”  You’ve waited a long time, right!!!  As promised, we reveal the unpublished photos right now.  Lee Seunggi’s unpublished photos revealed for the first time here on the Samsonite blog. ★

Whoa!!!!  How can an intense gaze be so awesome~
So there is some value to waiting.  The sophisticated colored Pilot and Lee Seunggi’s chic and manly suit-look go perfectly together, making for a cool photoshoot :)

This is the second photo.  A sexy pose as if tempting someone with his arm slightly resting on the Inova carrier!!!  Really, no words are needed~ We want to see this intense gaze without the sunglasses too~

Lee Seunggi, playing the role of a strong, intense guy, who can suddenly travel anywhere with the Samsonite carrier.  In contrast to his comfortable and bright side shown on 1 Night 2 Days, captivating women with his fashionable and chic manliness~ My love, Your love, Lee. Seung. Gi. ★

We’ll share the previously revealed Hawaii photoshoot photos again!!!
Awesome, even seeing it again~ Which photos do you prefer~
Choosing just one is a really hard choice^^

Since you can meet Lee Seunggi’s awesome Hawaii photoshoot in the August issue of Esquire, see you again in the magazine!!!

Ha, Samsonite is seriously full-force with the photoshoot sponsorship PR!

Aw, I wish there were more~~~ huhu. Hope Esquire releases some BTS cuts!

Seunggi really makes me wanna go buy a new sleek suitcase for the summer~~!!

Check out these photos of Seunggi in larger set at Samsonite blog: PR Coverage.

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One Response

  1. I kinda like the BTS photo of the silver Inova better than the one with the magazine’s name on it ^^ it’s funny how 1N2D ended more than a year ago but his image from the show is still stuck till now. I want to see him on GOF with Art School hyung. Heard they’re going to Taiwan next, so maybe Seunggi can join them to relief Seo-jinnie’s stress. Haha.

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