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“My Photo Book…?” Seunggi’s eye contact and fan service enroute to Hawaii – Dispatch ③

More Gu Family Book references from Dispatch…  they replaced “Gu Family” with “My Photo” and added on “Book.”  Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch.  Everyone loved and was rooting for Kangchi, but looks like Dispatch and the rest of us are happy to see the return of the real Lee Seunggi.  Surprised to hear he’s prepping for an album…

“My Photo Book…?” Lee Seunggi, Eye Contact and Fan Service
Photos and Write-up: Lee Ho Joon
English: LSGfan via Dispatch

July 5, 2013.  Incheon Airport.  On this evening, Lee Seunggi departed for Honolulu to film a fashion photo shoot via Incheon Airport.  It was crowded as many fans gathered at the departure gate.  As soon as Lee Seunggi appeared, fans greeted him with gifts they had prepared in advance.  His fan service, as expected, was a perfect score.  For the fans who came to see him off, he showed impeccable manners by greeting them with hand waves and making eye contact.   Recently, Lee Seunggi wrapped up MBC drama “Gu Family Book” and plans to take some time off and prepare for his next album.

Seunggi still looks radiant and lovely here… but seriously, have to admit that I’m still not fully over the complete disappearance of Seunggi’s hot and lovely grown-out hair during Gu Family Book… huhu.  Seems like such a beautiful waste…

Ok, I’m getting a bit obsessive~~~ we need a Hawaii update ASAP!

“It’s been a while~”

“Seunggi has returned~”

“Thank you so much for the presents~”

“Let me take a photo too, Lee Seunggi”

“Airport fashion is dandy, dapper style”

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  1. I need some hawaii news badly too~~~

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