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“Kangchi over Grandpas…” Lee Seojin and Seunggi depart for Hawaii – Dispatch ②

Omg, all the Dispatch article titles and press photo comments are HILarious!!!  Whoa~~~ Gu Family Book meets Grandpas over Flowers all in one place!!!!  Na PD and Seojin are at the Hook Entertainment building during the interview cuts in ep 1.  Was hoping we’d get a glimpse of Seunggi, but with the ridiculous crazy tight drama schedule he had, highly doubt we’ll get any cameo.  huhu.  Looks like Girlfriday is going to be recapping.  Yay! –> Dramabeans: Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 1.

“Kangchi over Grandpas”… Lee Seojin departs with Lee Seunggi
Photos and Write-up: Lee Ho Joon
English: LSGfan via Dispatch

July 5, 2013, 9:00pm.  Incheon Airport.  Lee Seojin, together with Lee Seunggi, departed for Hawaii.  This was also the day that cable channel TVN would be broadcasting the first episode of “Grandpas over Flowers.”  Unfortunately, he had to depart without watching the first broadcast of the show.  Appearing at the airport together with management family member Lee Seunggi, they attracted a lot of attention.  It was revealed that the two persons were departing on the same flight for a magazine fashion shoot.  Already on close-friend terms, their natural friendliness was also apparent at the airport.  Lee Seojin displayed clean-cut, dandy-style fashion, matching a blue shirt and navy pants.  The fashion point was the clutch bag.  Holding the bag with his fingers was striking.

Omg, did Seunggi and Seojin plan together the night before~~~ let’s both do clutch bags, ok?!?!  Yay for man bags!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE Seunggi’s orange Ferragamo.  It’s simply gorgeous!  I would’ve seriously died if he showed up with that man purse Seojin chose… whoa, definitely NOT the style or accessory I want on my guy!!!  Still awaiting a new Hawaii update!  What’s the point of Captain Hook’s official twitter when she has no clue how to make effective use of social media?!?!?!  Aigoo.

“Don’t we seem like brothers?”

“I like Seunggi over grandpas”

“We are close friends”

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