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Fierce fandom for Seunggi enroute to Hawaii – Dispatch ①

Korean celebrity rag Dispatch, notorious for breaking all the secret celeb dating news, works hard to dig up dirt and isn’t always too kind to celebs.  But they always show love for Seunggi (for now!).  Despite following him around, they haven’t been able to uncover much! –> Paparazzi catch Lee Seung Gi being polite, well-mannered!

Incheon Airport Paralysis… Lee Seunggi, Dignity of Fierce Fandom
Photos and Write-up: Lee Ho Joon
English: LSGfan via Dispatch

July 5, 2013.  Incheon Airport.  Lee Seunggi left for Honolulu to film a fashion shoot.   On this day, many fans gathered to say goodbye to him.  As soon as Lee Seunggi appeared, fans greeted him with gifts they had prepared in advance.  His fan service, as expected, was a perfect score.  For the fans who came to see him off, he showed impeccable manners by greeting them with hand waves and making eye contact.   Recently, Lee Seunggi wrapped up MBC drama “Gu Family Book” and plans to take some time off and prepare for his next album.

This was like 9:30pm so that’s really sweet of the fans to make it out to the airport to send Seunggi off on his trip.  He’s wearing the same drawstring pants he wore to the Cartier event?!?!  Kinda nervous about the Esquire photoshoot… wonder if it will be a summer or fall concept.  Hope we get something similar to his Elle photoshoot in NYC!  That was the best!!!  We need a Seunggi Hawaii sighting!!

“Can’t leave out the hand wave greeting”

“Dapper, clean-cut fashion”

“Overflowing lavishing of gifts”

“Thank you so much~”

“Attentive fan service”

“I’ll return soon”

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