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Perfect Seunggi – Gu Family Book press conference ②

More of our perfect, handsome, lovely Seunggi.  Seriously, how about Seunggi like this for his next drama?!?!  Just like modern-day Kangchi style from Gu Family Book finale.  And how about as a heroic character who saves the people he loves, versus a hero needing to be saved by those around him?!?!  Just base the story on real-life person Seunggi… since he’s always shining the light on others.  I’m SO over the moon with these photos of our beloved Seunggi~~!!  R.I.P. lovely grown hair locks…

Images: As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. Last photo… SO CUTEEEE~~~

  2. those dimples to die for… until now i still can’r get over with GFB..and yes we didn’t expect YW & KC to be a perfect OTP from the start..but they made it perfectly as the drama goes..and we seem not to get over…

  3. might I share a fanmade screen cap MV? for the love of SG and GFB and its exciting ending <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR-1Jld9l9s

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