Seunggi for over-the-top crown pocket Pizza Hut CF

For tasty things, you put your whole heart into it… all you need are pockets.
Pizza now has pockets too… Crown Pocket.
Sweet potato mousse and cream cheese a plenty.

English: LSGfan; Video: geumju park

Dear Pizza Hut~~~ please no more of these over-the-top CF concepts!  Where did this Seunggi babe from the last Pizza Hut CF right before Gu Family Book go??!!!  I still can’t believe Seunggi cut off his long beautiful locks following the drama!!! huhuhu.

Omg, please…. Seunggi, don’t let them do this to you ever again~~~!!!!  How did he keep a straight face???!!!!  puahahaha.  Gosh, I really can’t wait till they release a new Pizza Hut CF…  I miss the old versions.  Those were the best!

According to, she said Seunggi was supposed to be at the recent Pizza Hut facebook VIP event for 25 lucky winners to showcase the new crown pocket pizza, but due to Gu Family Book filming, he could only be there by video message.  She said she went to see Seunggi oppa.  Too bad he couldn’t be there.

Always putting his responsibilities to others and his joint projects before his own personal, side stuff like CFs… scheduling those for after his drama wraps!  So typical Lee Seunggi!  Gosh, sometimes I wish he’d be a bit more selfish!  But then he wouldn’t be the Seunggi we all respect and love, right???!!!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled, Pizza Hut

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2 Responses

  1. can’t help laughing when i see this cf vid. He looks cute and adorable.

  2. I was wonderfing what happened to the CF prior to GFB as well. Wanted to see it too – cos it was supposed to show a ‘manly’ SG! I love SG in long sleeve white shirt, as much as I love him in all black and in fitting suits!

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