[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 23 preview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

2 more eps left… Hope all the blood, sweat, tears Seunggi’s put in and gone through for this drama and the character of Kangchi shines… Kudos to Seunggi for being a total pro and giving his all for whatever is placed before him, which is why I’m already totally anticipating his next acting project… really curious… and excited!

RECAP — Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 22

Image: Soompi GFB

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15 Responses

  1. Ann, are you okay?

  2. hey guys~~~!!!! I’m good…
    you all know… usually I don’t post for a while when:
    1) I’m super busy with things
    2) I’m at a loss of words by Hook or Seunggi’s hair or fashion!
    Hmmmmm, I guess it’s a mix of both!
    just can’t really put into words and feelings….
    Gu Family Book………..
    how it ended and the drama as a whole……
    Seunggi’s return to his perm hair ways!!!!!!
    Was so excited to see his longer GFB press con hair after the drama…. oh wells. what’s new.
    Thankfully….. the few minutes of Seunggi as CEO Kangchi montage in present-time Seoul in his posh apt, amazing car (and great hair! ha) in the last ep of Gu Family Book left an awesome lasting impression!!!!

    • Glad your good, I for one have been patiently waiting to hear all your thoughts on GFB. I have a few thoughts, I will post my good one, its always great to see SG on my screen, he is awesome as usual. I think this one took its toll on him, I am glad he can rest a bit..

    • Just let it all out. The ending was totally took me by surprise (not in a good way.) Best part about it was Seung gi, Gon and Suzy looking fine. the director and writer really took away a lot of potential from gfb. good thing seung gi and the cast made up for the writer and director’s mishaps and made the drama worthwhile.

    • Hugs…me too, lost of words

  3. cbvcbvbvcbvcbvcbvc

  4. love gangchi

  5. Please VOTE for best male & female for GFB


  6. JOKE OF THE YEAR Suzy nominated for best actress…… Seung Gi NOT nominated for anything…….

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