[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 20 preview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

Yesterday’s ep 19 was SO good all-around, especially the scenes of all the people who have loved Kangchi despite being abandoned by his birth parents.  Gosh, Kangchi’s dad, Mr. Choi, had me in tears.  I loved him from the start of the drama, but the loyalty and love he has shown consistently for Lord Park and Kangchi, especially yesterday had me in tears. 

RECAP — Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 19

And Kangchi’s mom, Ja Hong Myung, aka Yoon Seohwa…. she and Kangchi had me in tears too! Although Kangchi has had a lot of awesome father figures in his life, he didn’t have a single mother figure, and he had lived as human for for most of his life. I still sorta hate that she’s been a sucky mom! Gosh, way too much crying. I really don’t think Seunggi realizes how good his serious and weighty scenes! (he thinks he’s better at comedy! aigoo. I’m like, no way!)

Yeowool…. there’s really nothing else to say about her amazing commitment and love for Kangchi.  Every scene with Kangchi and Yeowool just makes you root for them even more… mainly because their love is totally believable and has developed through real situations.  And I love that both are like whatever happened between the previous generations is their business and has nothing to do with us, but in a respectful way!  Now that’s a turn on typical K-culture mores, and way more realistic of current times, despite them being in Joseon sageuk times!  Also her defense of Kangchi to Gon, how Kangchi still feels all the pain of a human when he is in part beast form was really touching.  She is definitely his biggest advocate always!

Taeseo and Chungjo…. the Park Siblings and Kangchi will forever be linked.  Happy that reconciliation and understanding are starting to take shape.  In memory and respect for our beloved Lord Park, this is really nice to see!

And Gon, he really was a man about everything.  It probably wasn’t easy.  Love the concern he showed for Kangchi he and Yeowool returned.  Love you Gon!

And Sung~~~ ah, I love this kid!  Every time he yells out Kangchi hyungnim, I just want to hug him!

And Teacher Gondol and Admiral Lee Soonshin…… their love and support for Kangchi just kills me each time.  Amazing, wise father figures for Kangchi, in addition to his adopted father Mr. Choi and Lord Park.

There have been so many bromances I’ve loved with Kangchi~~~ Gon, Sung, Taeseo….. but probably my most fave is Ma Bong Chul!  Because there was such a nice and dramatic arc in their relationship from enemies to friends.  And most touching, the power of kindness to change someone’s life for the good…. when Kangchi showed mercy and saved Bongchul with his blood.  And now that Bonchul saw Kangchi hugging Yeowool (whom he thinks is a boy), and thinks he’s gay, can’t wait to see how this gets resolved! puahahahahahaha.

Can’t believe we’re already at Ep 20 today.  Really, only 4 more episodes over 2 more weeks to go????!!!!  All of a sudden, I feel really sad about things coming to an end…. and only a happy ending will heal that!

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7 Responses

  1. i feel the same too…. only 4 eps left…
    i dont want this to ending… At first when i saw the 24 eps… it feel like really long.. then… i feel its very short….. Seungzy…. love them so much ! i never thought they so match each other..

  2. Me too !! :( This is such an epic historical, fantasy korean drama I ‘ve ever seen.

  3. I loved episode 20 and it’s amazing fan-service. That was hot.

  4. i’m really curious, the actor who played Kang Chi’s father, Choi Ma Reum, what is his name??? i can’t find his name in any GFB website *sigh*
    the scene when he pick the riceball and remove the dust on it for Kang Chi….awww, so sweet and sad TT_TT

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