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Seunggi for top grade pedigree Nation’s Hanwoo CF [ENG]

Within here… the origins of Hanwoo exist. Hanwoo’s top grade, pedigree.  The name, there is sincerity within. All things Hanwoo… are contained here.  Since you can see it, you can trust it. As you know it more and more… our Hanwoo. Would you like to enjoy it together? (Of course! Who can resist and say no to LSG?!?!)

English: LSGfan, Video: lsgthaiairen

Pretty obvious why they chose Seunggi as the Nation’s Hanwoo 2013 endorsement model/ambassador?!  Such perfect timing with his turn as the sincere and trustworthy part-gumiho, part-human Kangchi in Gu Family Book!

Don’t know the reason or exactly why……….
Maybe because “Kangchi” has been so touching in so many ways………
But I just simply ♥ all things Seunggi even more, every time…. if that is possible~~~!!!

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