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Collecting Lee Seunggi Quotes (Words to live by)…

Ohhhhhhh. Super awesome idea from @reglest!  A collection of memorable quotes from our Seunggi~~!!!!  We all love the depth, sincerity, wit and humor he conveys through his interviews… Seriously, words and thoughts to live by!

Like you guys, I love going back and reading or watching his interviews because when I feel like life sucks or it’s too hard…  His approach to life and grounded perspective — a public track record of about 10 years, which is a lifetime in K-entertainment, which loves to hail IT stars, only to move on to the next trend — Reminds me to shut up, stop complaining, think positive, remember to be grateful, problem-solve rationally, be true to yourself and a few close, trusting others around you, and pick up where I last left off and work my ass off!  That way, no matter what the outcome, giving your all is worth it all and sets you up to successfully tackle other things that come your way.

THIS is why people can’t help but to admire the killer-smile, talented Lee Seunggi~!!   Being a fan of his is not trivial or a waste of time, or just simply fangirling (well, there’s some of that!)…. because honestly, if it was just that only, it would be kinda delusional since we all got REAL lives too!   Seunggi is a legitimate real-life role model to us as students, people in the workforce, stay-at-home moms, parents, children, people of all ages~~~ inspiring us to be better in all that we do and doing our best to work with others to make things NOT about ourselves.

I’ll create a tab of some of my fave Seunggi quotes at the top of this blog later on.  But to get us started, please share some of your fave Seunggi quotes in the comments section below.   Include the quote, date or year, and source.  To get us started… this quote is getting me through the day today~~~  Like Seunggi, I’m getting healing by listening to good music and eating a tasty lunch~~~~!!!!

“If possible, I try not to think about how hard things are.  Because the more you think about how hard things are, things get more harder.  When difficult times find me, I try to get healing by eating tasty foods and listening to good music.”  January 2013, Star1 Magazine

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10 Responses

  1. Many people in their mid-20s dream about independence. How about you? “Not me, because more than anyone else, I know how precious and a big strength a family fence has been for me.”
    Instyle. 2012

  2. After your drama, you enrolled in graduate school. Working and studying at the same time won’t be too easy.

    “The passion of people on campus becomes a great motivation for me. While gaining new wisdom is also important, the indirect experiences gained from those people are valuable and things money can’t buy. That’s why I wanted to attend school a little bit more.”
    Instyle. 2012

  3. I think things happen that way when you end up having a lot of ambitions. As my understanding for dramas were heightened, my feel for things got better, and I wanted to immediately take hold of those things. And you end up studying more because you don’t want to start lagging. 2013, Naver

  4. I too, will continue to become a person who can communicate and identify with others 2013, Naver

  5. “The existence of fans is something that an entertainer can’t be without, so I tend to think they are like a reward for entertainers to continue going on.”- Star1 Magazine, January 2013

  6. “….hyung is not some smart or particular person… it’s more about trying to work hard and having a thankful heart towards my parents and the people who have helped me and supported me….
    2010. 05. 31 Lee Seung Gi’s reply in Dong Heng.

    We’re maybe get bored with this, but him mention it again and again is just mean he really appreciate & respect them.

  7. “[Overcome]…If possible, I try not to think about how hard things are.  Because the more you think about how hard things are, things get more harder. …”
    Star1, A-Z about Lee Seung Gi

    This one is just a spot on for me, slapped me so hard..

    • Obeying the law of thoughts that like attracts like. You think positive no matter the odds. I am happy that he thinks that way.

  8. …..So through this letter and these words, to my hyungs who have been with me for five years, I want to say thank you. I want to say proudly that I’m the lucky one because I’ve met you. Whether in the near or distant future, I don’t know, but this love that I have received from you — I want to pass it on to a lovable hoobae as I’m the one making sacrifices for a program. I want to become that kind of sunbae and friend, a match to light someone’s candle. I have a long way to go to become like my hyungs, but please cheer me on until then. Thank you….,, 1n2d Radio Message .. Waterfall Special

  9. “If you don’t have the wish, you can’t do it, (when you’re) not that passionate. Everybody wishes to get approval from others. If you think of this as the end, there’s only downfall left. With some encouragement, there will be progress (and) even if there isn’t (any of it) anymore, you have to carry on with that wish and keep climbing up.”

    -Ya Shim Man Man, Brilliant Legacy Special, 2009-

    Sorry, it might not be the actual thing he said since I just extracted it from the subs, but I really like what he said and it gave me some encouragement to face difficult times :)

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