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Gu Family Book Ep 16: Suzy flirts with manly Seunggi [ENG]

English translation below…

(How come Kangchi and Yeowool always grabbing the other person’s wrist when running.  Love all the skinship!)

KC: How did you come here? It’s already finished?
YW: If that were the case, you think I’d sneak out here like this?!
KC: You sneaked out? (Omg, surprised Kangchi is too cute!)
YW: I can’t stay out long because of the instructor. I have to go back soon. (I love that they sneak around just to share a few minutes together! Wahhh~!).

YW: Anyway, are you okay? (Aw, Kangchi so touched by Yeowool worrying about him, especially with so few others trusting him). Gon won’t tell me anything so I feel so frustrated. Is Teacher Gondal okay?! How did you end up there? Everyone must have misunderstood you to have hurt Teacher Gondal, right? Did you get in a lot of trouble with Father? (sweet Yeowool).
KC: (ignoring her questions, worries about her). How’s your ankle?
YW: Huh? Oh, it’s all healed.
KC: Even still, once it gets hurt, it’s easy to hurt it again. For now, don’t run and be very very careful. Okay?! (Yeowool happily nods)

YW: Hey, do you realize your nagging has become really strong?
KC: Ha, joking around, aren’t you?!
YW: Do you know…You, you’re much more manly these days.
KC: Ha, so do you like that? (Whoa, Kangchi so smooth!)
YW: What do you think? (Aw, Yeowool flirting right back!)
KC: Mmm, let’s see… your two eyes clearly say you love it to death.
(Gosh, the way Kangchi-Yeowool flirt seems so innocent, yet so incredibly romantic, and also oh so hot!  Aish, another near kiss opportunity wasted!)

KC: Don’t worry too much about Teacher Gondol. He’ll be fine.
YW: How about you?
KC: Me, I still have hope. Although all the privates want to kick me out, I still have 5 bells left.
YW: What? You’ve started bell training? Since when?
KC: Yesterday.
YW: And you only have 5 left?
KC: Your father said I can stay if I last through today and tomorrow.

G: Now you only have 4 left.
KC: Gon! What’s wrong with you?! I never saw you that way, but are you going to keep acting immature like this…
G: Who’s the one childishly calling and sneaking Yeowool out like this?!
YW: Kangchi didn’t call me out, I sneaked out (oooh, must sting for Gon)
KC: Did you hear that?! (Ha, arms crossed and all!) Yeowool worries about me like this, and you…
G: Please go back and I’ll pretend I didn’t see you.
YW: Okay okay. I’m going to go back. In a little bit. Just a little bit. (Aw, so cute how Kangchi-Yeowool want to spend time together!)

Instructor: You can’t! (oh no). Return immediately.
YW: Okay, I’m going now. (Kangchi’s expression so priceless!)

Will our beloved OTP ever get some much needed time alone together… without SOMEONE interrupting them?!?! Please, next episodes~~!!!

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

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  1. i’m giggle reading ur comment hehe, thanks for trans <3

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