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Gu Family Book Ep 16: Again, Seunggi-Suzy “almost kiss” for like an eternity ♥ [ENG]

English translation below…

Yeowool sneaks out as Kangchi awaits her… she just stands there gazing at him from the back…. Gosh, these two have so much love for one another.

YW: Kangchi-ya. I’m here.
KC: You came out faster then I had thought.
YW: Well, sure. How come you wanted to see me?
KC: I have one left. (Kangchi shows her the remaining belt bell)
YW: You were able to guard it!
KC: The other privates helped me.
YW: So this means you won’t be kicked out.
KC: Yep.
YW: Thank goodness.

Then what seems like an eternity, but the perfectly awesome kind of eternity(!) of Kangchi-Yeowool sharing smiles and laughs, and lots of eye gazing and lingering!  I SO love these two!  But they are are rudely(!) interrupted by the other privates approaching, so Kangchi pulls Yeowool and they hide behind the flower bush.  How convenient! 

They crouch there quietly with Kangchi’s arm around Yeowool and they end up looking into each others eyes, AGAIN!  Cue the music. 

More gazing into each others eyes, tightening of hands and staring at each others lips!  Ha.  This is so awesome to watch!  OMG, Kangchi reaches over to cover Yeowool’s hand, and with his other hand, tightens his grip on her shoulder.  Kangchi is THE man!  Knows how to make efficient romantic and sweet use of his hands!  Hehe.  Whoa, who knew all this non-kissing could be so pure and innocent, yet so hot?! 

And just when Kangchi’s about to go in for the kiss…

Private: Kangchi hyung-nim! Kangchi hyung-nim!

Oh nos.  OMG, Kangchi-Yeowool still quietly hiding behind the bush, hoping the private will go away.  Finally, Yeowool motions to Kangchi to go out there, and Kangchi’s like NO WAY!  Hahahaha, he is NOT interested in moving at all!  He even motions the crossed hands NO WAY signal to her!  LOL. So HILarious. Yeowool finally pushes Kangchi out into the open… and his expression and that of the younger private is SO priceless!  Hehe.

We better get some serious kisses to make up for this entire tease!  But I loved every second of it!  Kangchi-Yeowool~ we’re all rooting you two!  Who cannot love our beloved OTP!  Love them so much! ♥

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

Images: MBC

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2 Responses

  1. oh my …. I couldn’t breath when KangChi-YeoWool started to squeeze hiding behind the tree, the time is coming for our KangChi-ya to get his passionate kiss. When He gazed at YeoWool and then squeezed her hand and tightened his grip, I squealed with delight “Go KangChi kiss her NOW!!!!”
    goshhhh why there is always someone interrupted KC-YW almost kiss moment. KangChi-ya … next time when you have a chance to kiss YW please move faster man!!!

  2. u hv written it so well

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