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[Daily Music Charts] Lee Seunggi – Last Words

* Updated with Day 4 (May 30) *

D3- Beast had their comeback today. They hit #1 on most charts, with CL moving to #2 and Seunggi (with no promotions from Hook) at #3 or #4 on most charts.

D2- 2NE1’s CL released her first solo track/album today. She took the top spot on the majority of the charts. Seunggi’s OST track fell to the second spot on most charts. But, remember, he’s not doing any promotions for the track and the song only appeared briefly on Gu Family Book. And his agency, Hook Entertainment, is up to its usual useless ways! Yet, Seunggi’s track had a great debut! K-Airens are awesome!

D1- Amazing~~~!!! Seunggi’s very own, self-composed Gu Family Book OST song <Last Words> is #1 on 8 7 out of 9 daily K-music chart for May 27, the first day of its release!!!! Chart ranking images at DCLSG post.

This means Actor and Singer Lee Seunggi has BOTH the #1 Gu Family Book drama at its time slot and the #1 song on the daily music charts for his drama! Congrats~!!!

New releases for May 27 also included BoA’s Shark OST track and Peppertones.

The other previously released Gu Family Book OST theme song for Seunggi’s drama character Kangchi by The One is on its 8th day since release, and still going strong in the top 10 on several charts too!

More real-time chart madness at Instiz iChart.


D1 = May 27 release of <Last Words> by Lee Seunggi

MELON D1: #1 D2: #5 D3: #7 D4: #12

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-Akdong Musician, 3-Lee Hyori, 4-4minute, 5-Roy Kim, 6-4Men, 7-Togeworl, 8-Lee Hyori, 9-Akdong Musician, 10-Vibe, *(11-The One)
D2: 1-CL, 2-Lee Hyori, 3-Akdong Musician, 4-4minute, 5-Seunggi

MNET D1: #2 D2: #2 D3: #4 D4: #5

D1: 1-Togeworl, 2-Seunggi, 3-Lee Hyori, 4-Akdong Musician, 5-The One, 6-Baek Jiyoung, 7-Vibe, 8-4minute, 9-Shinhwa, 10-Lee Hyori
D2: 1-CL, 2-Seunggi

OLLEH D1: #1 D2: #2D3: #4 D4: #7

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-BoA, 3-Togeworl, 4-Akdong Musician, 5-Lee Hyori, 6-Baek Jiyoung, 7-The One, 8-Vibe, 9-Yoon Joonhyung/B2B, 10-CarlyRaeJepsen
D2: 1-CL, 2-Seunggi

SORIBADA D1: #1 D2: #2 D3: #3 D4: #4

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-Navi, 3-BoA, 4-Togeworl, 5-Lee Hyori, 6-Akdong Musician, 7-Position, 8-Baek Jiyoung, 9-Red Apple, 10-Moon Myungjin, *(13-The One)
D2: 1-CL, 2-Seunggi

NAVER D1: #1 D2: #3 D3: #4 D4: #6

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-Togeworl, 3-BoA, 4-Akdong Musician, 5-Lee Hyori, 6-The One, 7-Peppertones, 8-Lee Kichan, 9-Baek Jiyoung, 10-Roy Kim
D2: 1-CL, 2-Two Months, 3-Seunggi

BUGS D1: #2 D2: #2 D3: #4 D4: #6

D1: 1-Leesang, 2-Seunggi, 3-Togeworl, 4-BoA, 5-Akdong Musician, 6-Lee Hyori, 7-Baek Jiyoung, 8-B1A4, 9-Shinhwa, 10-Vibe
D2: 1-CL, 2-Seunggi

DAUM D1: #1 D2: #1 D3: #2 D4: #3

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-Akdong Musician, 3-BoA, 4-Togeworls, 5-Lee Hyori, 6-Seunggi (Piano ver.), 7-Baek Jiyoung, 8-Roy Kim, 9-Cho Youngpil, 10-The One

CYWORLD D1: #1 D2: #1 D3: #2 D4: #2

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-UrbanSpace, 3-Togeworls, 4-Lee Hyori, 5-BoA, 6-Yoon Joonhyung/B2B, 7-Roy Kim, 8-Suzy, 9-The One, 10-4minute

MONKEY3 D1: #1 D2: #1 D3: #1 D4: #2

D1: 1-Seunggi, 2-Lee Hyori, 3-4minute, 4-Suzy, 5-The One, 6-Tara, 7-Roy Kim, 8-4men, 9-Baek Jiyoung, 10-Secret

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