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Gu Family Book Ep 15: Seunggi-Suzy almost kiss [ENG]

English translation below…

KC: How bad was what you saw, that your legs caved?
[You didn’t know? Dam Pyongjoon killed Kangchi’s father.]
YW: Um, I was just surprised by something…
KC: Aigoo, a girl walking around alone in a dark forest.
YW: I heard you disappeared without a word, so I was worried.
KC: You very well know how dangerous forests are these days, and a girl having no fear…!

YW: You know, you keep calling me a girl a lot these days.
KC: Well, of course one would call a girl, a girl. Would you say boy?!
YW: So, do you really see me as a girl?
KC: I’m not dense. Of course, I see you as… a girl.
(cue Kangchi-Yeowool lingering gaze and music! Awkward –> Sweet)

KC: All done.
(Kangchi holds out his hand to help her up…and collision! OMG, Kangchi totally staring at Yeowool’s lips~~~ thinking should I kiss her?!?!  His expressive eyelash-batting and squirming of his lips are killing me!)
KC: Um, let’s head back down. Your father will be worried.
YW: Of course.
KC: Okay then… (omg, Kangchi SO wants to kiss her! More lingering!)

(To break the awkwardness, Kangchi starts walking off, but turns back and looks at Yeowool, getting her all hopeful… but only to awkwardly, quickly grab her sword so she won’t have to carry it and walks ahead! LOLs)

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

The scene where Kangchi finds Yeowool was so sad…

All the crying… and Kangchi crying without even knowing why…

only that Yeowool was crying and really sad.

Images: Soompi GFB

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2 Responses

  1. thank you for a quick sub for this scene ^^

  2. So funny! I do think that the lingering ‘Should I kiss her?’ scene was too long though. I didn’t want to say this, but the scene could have been better if Suzy is more expressive. My two cents :)

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